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Source: Fox News

Trump budget aims to end automatic pay hikes for federal workers, make firings easier

Tuesday 20:57 GMT

President Trump put underperforming federal workers on notice Monday, including in his $4 trillion budget plan a major overhaul for how hiring and firing is done in the D.C. bureaucracy.

This includes ending automatic pay hikes that kick in "irrespective of performance," changing retirement benefits and making it easier to fire bad employees and reward good ones. Following on Trump's campaign promise to "drain the swamp," the plan calls for several big changes.

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Source: CBS News

How the door-opening robot dog may change the future

Wednesday 17:20 GMT

Created by Boston Dynamics, the robot dog is viewed as a sign of the future of robotics, with TechCrunch noting the video suggests "the possibility of an advanced autonomous control system."

The video spectacle of a robot opening a door is causing a stir on social media, with some taking to Twitter to express delight as well as fear about the final days for humans. Yet there's a pragmatic case for the technology, since it could change how businesses operate.

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Source: BBC

The designers helping us embrace robots

Friday 13:38 GMT

If we are to embrace robotics to such an extreme that it become part of our own selves, the role of the designer in helping us get to that point will become more and more important.

Once designers can replicate the sensation of playing against another human being, the triumph of the robots will be complete. Designers began by assuming that robots would have to mimic the human body (Robby the Robot in the 50s sci-fi film, Forbidden Planet, is a classic case in point).

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