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The Morning Risk Report: Former Cognizant Executives Charged in Probe

Today 07:00 GMT

Two former executives of outsourcing-operations company Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. were charged by U.S. authorities with foreign bribery for allegedly approving illicit payments to help build a corporate campus in India.

Gordon Coburn, the company’s former president, and Steven Schwartz, its former chief legal officer, authorized a $2 million bribe to at least one government official in India to secure permits necessary for the construction of a campus there to support roughly 17,000 employees, prosecutors said.

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Source: The Guradian

Sharm el-Sheikh locals lament 'wall' going up around resort

Today 07:00 GMT

Egyptian authorities have started work on a concrete barrier around the Sinai resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, which has struggled to attract tourists since a Russian passenger jet crashed in the region shortly after taking off in 2015 in a terrorism-linked attack, killing 224 people.

The Egyptian authorities have since enhanced security measures at Sharm el-Sheikh airport, hoping for the return of flights from Russia and the UK.

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Source: DW

Saudi women refugees in Germany: Still living in fear

Today 08:59 GMT

It is striking how well the women's families — far away in Saudi Arabia — knew about the women's whereabouts: "Either it is the case that every single family intensely searches Germany to find the respective women," says Paintner, "or there is a central organization that does it for the families.

The four Saudi women DW spoke to intensively in recent weeks are convinced that they were monitored by other Arabic-speaking refugees.

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Source: BBC

The hunt for the fish pirates who exploit the sea

Monday 19:04 GMT

You might like: • The ‘miracle mineral’ the world needs • What links elephants and AI? • How to spot rogue fishing boats. The Andrey Dolgov, or STS-50 or Sea Breez 1 as it also sometimes called itself, had been plundering the oceans of their most valuable living resource – fish.

“The fishing vessel left Mozambique’s waters to find refuge on the high seas,” says Peter Hammarstedt, director of campaigns at Sea Shepherd. “What was amazing was the Tanzanian authorities decided to leave their own waters to pursue it even though it hadn’t committed crime in Tanzania or entered its waters.”

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