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Source: Fox News

Goodlatte previews Rosenstein interview with House lawmakers behind closed doors

Today 11:46 GMT

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte explained to Fox News on Sunday what he's expecting to learn when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sits for a closed-door interview with House lawmakers this coming Wednesday.

Goodlatte noted the interview of Rosenstein will be held in a secure room, and that a transcript will be released after the intelligence community reviews it for classified information.

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Source: CBS News

Feds subpoena Pennsylvania dioceses in Catholic clergy sex abuse investigation

Friday 20:02 GMT

 The Justice Department has issued subpoenas to at least five of the eight dioceses in Pennsylvania as part of a federal probe into child sexual abuse inside the Roman Catholic Church.

"It's groundbreaking if we're going to see one of the U.S. attorneys pursuing the Catholic cases," said Marci Hamilton, a University of Pennsylvania professor and chief executive of Child USA, a nonprofit think tank focused on preventing child abuse. "The federal government has so far been utterly silent on the Catholic cases."

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