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To a man with an algorithm all things look like an advertising opportunity

Sunday 14:29 GMT

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your algorithms are, when you treat pregnancy as an advertising event, an opportunity to be monetized, you will get situations like this.

After Brockell’s letter went viral, Facebook’s vice-president of advertising, Rob Goldman, apologized to Brockell on Twitter. He also patronizingly pointed out that she could have avoided the situation if only she’d taken the time to navigate Facebook’s ever-changing settings and tweaked her ad preferences.

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Judge recalled by voters after Brock Turner sex assault case seeking donations to pay off legal fees

Friday 10:51 GMT

A former California judge who was ousted from the bench amid a successful recall effort over what many perceived to be a light sentence for a Stanford University student convicted of sexual assault, is asking for donations so he can pay off $135,000 in court-ordered attorney’s fees.

Santa Clara County voters threw Persky, the first California judge to be recalled in nearly a century, out of office in June over the six-month sentence he handed down to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015 outside a campus fraternity party.

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Toronto police investigated ‘at one point’ 8 alleged assaults at St. Michael’s College

Friday 19:06 GMT

Toronto police say “at one point” they investigated a total of eight incidents of alleged assaults at St. Michael’s College School. Interim president of the Roman Catholic all-boys school Andrew Leung told media during a conference call on Thursday that “more” cases were turned over to police but did not reveal the exact number.

St. Michael’s College School’s football program axed next year due to team ‘dynamics’. “At one point, we had a total of eight incidents being investigated,” Insp.

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