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Japanese speedskater fails doping test, 1st of 2018 Olympic Winter Games

Tuesday 11:49 GMT

A Japanese short track speedskater is the first athlete to test positive for a banned substance at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Olympic doping ban on 45 Russian athletes upheld by Court of Arbitration for Sport. The speedskater issued a statement saying that “if something different was in my body, it is totally out of my intention.” You need a prescription for this in Japan and as it states in the athlete’s statement, this particular substance is a diuretic to be used to prevent high-altitude sickness, glaucoma, epilepsy and also sleep apnea.”

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Source: Washington Post

D.C.-area forecast: Cooler today with periodic showers, then a wintry mix arrives late tomorrow

Friday 21:53 GMT

Most likely a sloppy mix develops early-to-mid afternoon, but a more significant snowfall potential can’t be completely ruled out, even locally.

High temperatures may get into the mid-30s to around 40 before the precipitation starts, but then we get colder again as a mix of light rain, sleet and/or snow begins. We’ll watch precipitation arrival time since there’s a slight chance it holds off until late afternoon.

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Source: CTV

Patrick Brown arrives at Ontario PC HQ

Saturday 18:11 GMT

Former PC leader Patrick Brown arrived at the party’s headquarters Friday afternoon, ratcheting up speculation that Brown could be running for leadership since his resignation three weeks ago.

“Shortly after becoming interim leader, I asked Patrick Brown to step aside from the PC caucus,” Fedeli said in a statement on Friday. The release of conference call audio, obtained by CTV News on Friday, captured Brown affirming his intention to resign.

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Source: Washington Post

D.C.-area forecast: Rain and snow arrive this afternoon; some accumulation likely into tonight

Saturday 18:12 GMT

What may start as rain in most spots should quickly become snow and potentially turn moderate to heavy in places where the precipitation remains snow.

6/10 (?): Northern and western parts of the area stand a pretty good shot to see snow accumulation Saturday afternoon and evening. I’m already thinking of spending some time outside… Confidence: Medium. SNOW POTENTIAL INDEX A daily assessment of the potential for at least 1 inch of snow in the next week, on a 0-10 scale.

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Source: New York Times

A Dance for Tibetan New Year, Then 17 Hours in Custody

Today 06:04 GMT

The monks, dressed in crimson robes and wielding blue plastic swords, were rehearsing a dance they would perform the next day in celebration of the Tibetan New Year.

Began nearly 17 hours in police custody for me and a French photographer, Gilles Sabrié, a long though not uncommon experience for foreign correspondents in China. Then a uniformed police officer appeared in the temple and said there were a few questions to answer.

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Source: The Guradian

'I love Rome, but Rome doesn't love us': the city's new migrant crisis

Today 08:06 GMT

Six months ago the former office block in Via Curtatone, overlooking Piazza Indipendenza in central Rome, became a flashpoint of Italy’s migrant crisis when police evicted the 800 Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees who had been living there for four years.

There are just over 180,000 asylum seekers and refugees in Italy, its stated maximum capacity, with most in or near Rome. Many are housed in emergency accommodation, with around 10,000 living in inhumane conditions, according to a new report by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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