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Vladdy Fever: Jays prospect arrives in bigs

Today 07:00 GMT

Major League Baseball’s top prospect will make his long-awaited debut Friday night at the Rogers Centre as Toronto takes on the Oakland Athletics.

Toronto fans have been salivating for the last year, anxiously awaiting word on when the Blue Jays would make their move. They got their answer Wednesday evening when the team announced his promotion, creating an unmitigated ray of sunshine for a club immersed in a deep rebuild.

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Source: Fox News

Hundreds of decks of playing cards arrive for Washington state lawmaker who criticized nurses

Today 02:25 GMT

The Washington state senator who suggested that some nurses “play cards” during a “considerable” portion of their shifts received more than 600 packages of playing cards Tuesday as backlash over her remarks continued to grow.

Do you think that’s where they play cards, Senator Walsh?”. WASHINGTON STATE LAWMAKER RILES NURSES BY SAYING SOME SPEND ‘CONSIDERABLE’ TIME PLAYING CARDS. The letter went on to predict that after the next election cycle Walsh may find herself with “plenty of time to play cards and plenty of cards to play with.”

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