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Jim Carrey sends heartfelt message to Ariana Grande after she posts his quote on depression

Wednesday 03:20 GMT

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Depression Hurts and Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 all offer ways of getting help if you, or someone you know, may be suffering from mental health issues.

Grande took to Instagram on Saturday to declare her love for Carrey and revealing that her “first AIM username was jimcarreyfan42 when I was in like 4th grade.” The 7 Rings singer also shared a black-and-white photo of the Bruce Almighty actor with his quote about depression.

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How Ariana Grande defines a post-Beyoncé Coachella

Tuesday 20:00 GMT

On paper, a festival's decision to book a headliner like pop streaming queen Ariana Grande would have been enormously controversial less than a decade ago.

When Grande decided to lend her platform last night to a former teen pin-up who still struggles to be taken seriously by certain facets of the industry, a popstar whose peak existed before this particular era of Coachella lineup diversification, it didn't feel like a risk.

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