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Even Safer Bonds Aren’t Spared in Rough Year for Asia Debt

Saturday 11:46 GMT

In Asia, bonds rated BBB—the category just above junk—make up 44% of the ICE BofAML index, and their quality has been deteriorating.

An index of investment-grade dollar bonds issued by Asian companies is down 1% this year, after factoring in price declines and the coupons the securities pay, according to ICE Bank of America Merrill Lynch. While many junk bonds have become distressed, their stronger peers haven’t had it easy either.

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Why free investments aren’t free

Thursday 23:40 GMT

It pays to be aware of the following:. It’s the contemporary version of a free breakfast with a side of timeshare pitch: In many cases, free investment products and services are loss leaders to lure you in the door.

With free investment management services like robo advisers, consider how much of your portfolio is held in cash — the service is likely pocketing the interest on that allocation, or at least a portion of it, and that cash holding can reduce your return and introduce a potential conflict of interest.

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