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Source: Reuters

Sears to ask bankruptcy judge for approval to liquidate: sources


Sears Holdings Corp will ask a bankruptcy judge on Tuesday if it can proceed with liquidation after it could not reach an agreement on Chairman Edward Lampert’s $4.4 billion takeover bid, casting doubt on the survival of the 126-year-old U.S. department store chain, people familiar with the matter said.

The largest U.S. toy retailer, Toys ‘R’ Us, tried to emerge from its 2017 bankruptcy filing but was also forced to liquidate six months later, after creditors lost confidence in its turnaround plan.

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Where Did All the Craft Beer Go Government Shutdown Closes Tap on New Brews

Saturday 19:59 GMT

“We are trying to drink as much of this paralyzed beer as we can,” said Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch, whose company makes Sam Adams and has tanks of beer produced in November and December now on hold. “The only thing we can do is drown our sorrows.”

If the shutdown goes on too long, “we will have empty tanks sitting in an empty facility waiting,” said Fair Isle co-founder Andrew Pogue.

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Source: The Guradian

The government shutdown's latest victim Craft beer

Monday 10:48 GMT

The US government shutdown, which is soon to enter its fourth week, is affecting travel, small business loan approvals, passport administration, national park services, food inspections and tax return processing.

There’s another consequence of the shutdown that could soon rattle American society: a disruption in the deliveries of craft beer. New beer labels must be approved in advance by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau – which is part of the US treasury department – and because of the standstill in Washington this is not happening.

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Steve King rebuked: House passes disapproval resolution over white supremacy comments

Today 13:35 GMT

The House of Representatives formally rebuked Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King on Tuesday, overwhelmingly passing a resolution of disapproval for comments he made about white supremacy.

“Congressman Steve King’s recent comments, actions, and retweets are completely inappropriate,” Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, who has since been replaced by Emmer after declining to seek another term, tweeted. In October, just days before the midterm elections, the then-chairman of the NRCC accused King of aligning with white supremacist views.

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