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Source: CTV

Men appeal conviction in Via Rail terror plot, argue jury improperly selected

Today 01:29 GMT

Two men found guilty of terrorism charges after being accused of plotting to derail a passenger train are asking Ontario's highest court to grant them a new trial, arguing the jury that convicted them was improperly selected.

Both men previously indicated they wished to challenge their sentences, which Jaser argued in his notice of appeal was "excessive, harsh and unfit in all the circumstances."

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Source: Fox News

Mueller wants Paul Manafort imprisoned up to 24 years

Sunday 13:34 GMT

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is asking a federal judge to sentence former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort up to 24 years in prison and order him to pay as much as a $24 million fine.

JUDGE RULES MANAFORT 'INTENTIONALLY' LIED TO MUELLER TEAM, VOIDING PLEA AGREEMENT. On Friday night, Mueller’s team filed a sentencing submission in that case, saying it agrees with the guidelines that call for Manafort serving 20 to 24 years in prison and paying a fine between $50,000 and $24 million.

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