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Source: Fox News

Thousands attend New Zealand vigil to remember Christchurch victims and protest racism

Today 11:45 GMT

Tens of thousands of people attended a vigil in Christchurch to mourn the 50 Muslims killed in an attack on two mosques by a suspected white supremacist.

A huge group of mourners, estimated to number between 20,000 and 40,000 by local police, came to Hagley Park on Saturday evening to honor and remember the victims of what New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called a terrorist attack. According to Reuters, many non-Muslim women wore headscarves at the vigil to show their support for those of Islamic faith as they had at similar events last week.

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Apple set to unveil streaming service, will reportedly offer HBO, Showtime for $9.99 a month

Today 09:54 GMT

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple AAPL, -2.07%   will charge for the service, contrary to a September report that said it would be offered free to users of Apple devices.

While Apple staff have reportedly been calling the service a Netflix-killer, preliminary details make it sound more like a cable-killer, with the ability to subscribe to other streaming providers with a single click, making the process easier for consumers.

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