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Johnny Depp Sells the Fourth of His Five Los Angeles Pads

Wednesday 19:08 GMT

Johnny Depp bought five apartments in the converted Eastern Columbia Building in 2007, creating his own mansion in downtown Los Angeles.

More: Click to Watch Video of Johnny Depp Sells Second of Five Eclectic L.A. Penthouses for $3.9 Million. The five apartments were originally listed in September for $12.8 million, and Penthouse Two went on the market individually for $2.75 million in November. That means there’s just one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor’s abodes left on the market.

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A Chic London Mews Apartment With Unusually Large Rooms and High Ceilings

Wednesday 10:53 GMT

A charming and quite large apartment there, the five-bedroom No. 8 Turnchapel Mews, occupies the top floor of four terraced mews houses and has a large outdoor terrace (most of the apartment is on one floor, but a small part is on a separate floor).

The exclusive cobblestone courtyard known as Turnchapel Mews sits between Clapham Common and Battersea Park in south London. In the mid-19th century, the now private and gated mews served as horse stables for the main houses on the surrounding streets.

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Soaring trash fees for L.A. condos and apartment buildings spark outrage

Monday 19:05 GMT

Businesses, landlords and condominium owners are voicing alarm over the additional charges being imposed under RecycLA, an environmental initiative championed by Garcetti that is aimed at diverting trash from landfills, putting cleaner-burning trash trucks on the street and creating safer conditions for refuse workers.

A bill sent by Universal Waste Systems showed her building faces an extra $433 in fees to cover the cost of moving trash bins more than 100 feet to the street.

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