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Photo of rescued gorilla in arms of caretaker wins wildlife photo of the year award

Monday 06:05 GMT

A heartfelt picture of a young gorilla embraced by her rescuer was chosen as the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award.

The winning image shows Pikin, a lowland gorilla, waking up in the arms of her caretaker, Appolinaire Ndohoudou, while she was being moved between animal sanctuaries. McArthur, who was in the passenger seat, said she was "nervous" as she snapped photos of the pair, but had feeling it was special.

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Source: BBC

Origins of land plants pushed back in time

Today 08:06 GMT

A seminal event in the Earth's history - when plants appeared on land - may have happened 100 million years earlier than previously thought.

"Land plants emerged on land half a billion years ago, tens of millions of years older than the fossil record alone suggests," said study author, Dr Philip Donoghue of the department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol. "This changes perception of the nature of early terrestrial environments, displacing pond scum in favour of a flora that would have tickled your toes - but not reached much higher.

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Source: New York Times

Lydia Ratcliff, Writer Who Found a Farmer’s Calling, Dies at 84

Tuesday 18:14 GMT

Lydia Ratcliff toiled in anonymity as a ghostwriter for the personal finance columnist Sylvia Porter until 1965, when she surprised everyone and left the world of Manhattan publishing for a small farm in Vermont.

Lydia Lawrence Ratcliff was born on Oct. 12, 1933, in a Manhattan hospital to the former Marie Francoise Tonetti and John Drury Ratcliff and grew up in the exclusive enclave of Snedens Landing in Palisades, N.Y., on the west bank of the Hudson River.

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Source: Fox News

Police arrest 5 in killing of endangered orangutan shot 130 times

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

Four farmers and a 13-year-old boy in Indonesia admitted they stabbed, clubbed, and shot a male orangutan with at least 130 air gun pellets to protect their pineapple crop, police said Monday, in the latest high-profile killing of a critically endangered species.

"All the suspects have told police that they shot, stabbed and clubbed the orangutan," local police chief detective Yuliansyah, who goes by a single name, told the Associated Press. "They did it because they considered the animal to be a pest that ruined the family's pineapple plantation."

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Source: New York Times

Animals Are Losing Their Vagility, or Ability to Roam Freely

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

Predators may suffer more than other animals from restricted movement because they range over wider areas and encounter more development as they roam.

Parks and preserves may offer less protection as animals migrate, and increase the need for protection of corridors so some animals can move elsewhere. Understanding the movement of species is especially important as climate change drives species to seek more habitable terrain.

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Source: The Guradian

Breakthrough as scientists grow sheep embryos containing human cells

Monday 14:32 GMT

Growing human organs inside other animals has taken another step away from science-fiction, with researchers announcing they have grown sheep embryos containing human cells.

Ross and colleagues have recently reported a major breakthrough for our own species, revealing they were able to introduce human stem cells into early pig embryos, producing embryos for which about one in every 100,000 cells were human.

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Source: The Guradian

Should we give up half of the Earth to wildlife?

Monday 00:35 GMT

The directive falls short of creating protected reserves, but has raised hopes of wildlife being helped to recover there, and that China is now viewing the issue as important.

“But if you recognise the world as one that we share with wildlife, letting it have half of the Earth does not seem that much.” The idea is supported by E O Wilson, the distinguished Harvard biologist, in his most recent book, Half Earth.

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