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Source: CBS News

Amid killings, Borneo's endangered orangutans disappearing fast

Saturday 14:31 GMT

The most comprehensive study of Borneo's orangutans estimates their numbers have plummeted by more than 100,000 since 1999, as the palm oil and paper industries shrink their jungle habitat and fatal conflicts with people increase.

The finding, which is to be published in the journal Current Biology, is in line with the International Union for Conservation of Nature's 2016 designation of Borneo's orangutans as critically endangered.

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Source: Fox News

Bus driver tries dragging off passenger, angered by electronic ticket

Sunday 17:15 GMT

A coach driver is facing the sack after he was filmed trying to drag a French woman off his vehicle by her legs - despite her having a valid ticket.

The driver was overheard telling her the ticket was invalid - despite them being valid if shown to the driver on electronic devices. But fast-thinking onlookers called the company's head office - and the driver was replaced when the coach pulled over in Birmingham.

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Source: Fox News

Police arrest 5 in killing of endangered orangutan shot 130 times

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

Four farmers and a 13-year-old boy in Indonesia admitted they stabbed, clubbed, and shot a male orangutan with at least 130 air gun pellets to protect their pineapple crop, police said Monday, in the latest high-profile killing of a critically endangered species.

"All the suspects have told police that they shot, stabbed and clubbed the orangutan," local police chief detective Yuliansyah, who goes by a single name, told the Associated Press. "They did it because they considered the animal to be a pest that ruined the family's pineapple plantation."

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