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Under increased scrutiny, more officers across Canada are forgoing proactive policing: report

Thursday 00:37 GMT

Police officers across Canada are less likely to proactively investigate suspicious behaviour or persons these days than they were 10 years ago, and it’s out of fear of increased scrutiny, according to a new report out of Ottawa’s Carleton University.

“So they can better interpret when they see these kinds of viral videos or episodes of policing that some people might on the surface suggest are misconduct but when you dig deeper beneath the issue, actually the officer has acted appropriately.”

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Source: DW

Data Analysis: Aid money alone will not be enough to stop the causes of migration

Friday 19:07 GMT

Since 2015, the climax of the refugee crisis in Europe, the EU has allocated €3.2 billion ($40 billion) under the "EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa"to tackle the causes of "irregular migration."

This involved analyzing statistics on the level of financial aid that developing countries have been receiving, and matching this data to the number of people who emigrated from these countries. It turns out that if more money is given to developing countries, it can prevent an increase in the proportion of people who emigrate, and possibly even reduce these numbers in the long term.

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ANALYSIS: On Crown-Indigenous relations, Trudeau’s ‘lofty commitments’ run into reality

Friday 21:52 GMT

The week’s news in Crown-Indigenous relations has been a remarkable and busy one but it’s also been one which put on display all those things that fans of the Trudeau government love about the Trudeau government while simultaneously shining a light on the most frustrating aspects of the 27-month-old Liberal government.

In announcing the good news for the Slate River Nation, Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott reiterated what is arguably the most important promise the Trudeau government made in the 2015 election: that by 2021, there will be no long-term drinking water advisories on public water systems on any reserve in the country.

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ANALYSIS: Florida shooting survivors are angry, and they want you to know it

Saturday 21:51 GMT

Florida school shooter had extra ammo in backpack, went to McDonald’s after shooting. That’s an awful indictment of the world in which these students now live.

They’re angry because mass shootings and school shootings have not only become normalized, they have come to be expected.

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Source: The Guradian

Women must have the right to bare their arms without comment

Today 07:01 GMT

This week, Kim Campbell, a former prime minister of Canada, commented that women on television who bare their arms in sleeveless dresses while their male colleagues are covered up in suits “undermine credibility and gravitas”.

Women are so frequently pitted against each other that it feels somewhat disloyal to admit that some of the worst tearing downs to which we can be subject are often from other women – so much for sisterhood.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte