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Apple's crown is slipping – will news and TV shows be its next big thing?

Sunday 19:58 GMT

Apple has more than 360 million paying subscribers across its “services sector” which includes iTunes, Apple Music, the App Store, iCloud and Apple Pay.

Details of the plans are sketchy but it appears Apple will be launching a new platform for news publishers with paywalls – the Wall Street Journal is in, New York Times and Washington Post are not – and announcing a series of new TV deals and original programmes that will put it head to head with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and their rivals in streaming media as they fight it out to be the new kings of Hollywood.

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Source: The Guradian

The grassroots coalition that took on Amazon ... and won

Sunday 22:44 GMT

Though the first public poll, and every subsequent poll, would show majority support for the Amazon deal among Queens residents – a point made often by Amazon – the #NoAmazon coalition still felt they had strong support in the neighborhoods that would be most affected by the Amazon campus.

In the weeks since the Amazon deal’s collapse, the media narrative has centered on the role played by local politicians, particularly that of state Senator Michael Gianaris, in turning the tide against Amazon.

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CMO Today: Apple Changes Its Playbook; Brands Get Used to Trump; When Amazon Declines Ads

Friday 15:25 GMT

“I don’t think there’s as much fear,” a crisis-communications pro told The New York Times in a look at brands’ relationship with President Trump.

Except when they can’t: Amazon is becoming more aggressive about telling vendors that they aren’t allowed to promote products that lose money for the platform. “One or more of your products no longer qualifies for advertising because the sale of this product on Amazon.com

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Source: Reuters

UPS eyes in-home health services with U.S. vaccine project

Saturday 08:04 GMT

Delivering home vaccines at a competitive price may not be the only hurdle to the UPS project’s success, said Stephen Buck, chief executive of Courage Health and a former vice president at McKesson Corp.. “Pharmacies and physicians may not be happy about a new player competing against them,” Buck said.

UPS did not disclose which vaccines it would be using in the project, but drug and vaccine maker Merck & Co told Reuters it is looking at partnering with the company for the initiative.

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Source: DW

Apple bets billions on streaming service to curb Netflix dominance

Saturday 14:29 GMT

Ives hinted that Apple is so serious about its foray into streamingand original video content it may start looking for production studios to acquire to help streamline the production process.

Gunnarsson doesn't see Apple mimicking Netflix's subscription model entirely; instead, he sees the iPhone maker following Amazon Prime, the second-largest streaming player. Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. "Consumers did not take to building virtual movie libraries, and although Apple made a lot of money and became a very important partner for Hollywood, Netflix came along and became this huge worldwide phenomenon," he told DW.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte