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Mom lets 2-year-old dye her hair for self-expression — but is this the best way?

Wednesday 20:03 GMT

In one post, BellaMae was in the process of diluting her hair and her mother mentions going over her brown hair with Arctic Fox Hair Color hair dye — a vegan and cruelty-free brand.

When Charity LeBlanc’s daughter wanted pink hair, she did her research thoroughly before allowing the two-year-old toddler to get hair dye, she told the Today Show. And when it comes to things like hair dye and makeup, Romanowski says it is up to parents to make a safe and healthy decision.

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Why we should all give up on goals already

Tuesday 02:28 GMT

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Researchers found that people who visualise their goals are less likely to achieve them, perhaps because they trick their brain into thinking they’ve already done the work. (What works much better is ‘mental contrasting’, whereby you visualise not only a positive outcome, but the negative reality you want to change).

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