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2018’s top-grossing concert tours: Ed Sheeran leads the pack (by a mile)

Today 13:35 GMT

Pollstar released its annual list of highest-grossing concert tours on Monday morning, detailing the top 100 artists of 2018 and how much they made.

Promises of an elaborate production and stage show ultimately help sell their expensive concert tickets, whether that includes a seamlessly choreographed two-hour performance or a show packed with enough lights and pyrotechnics to make you sweat — here’s looking at you, Mötley Crüe.

1 Article
Source: Global News

Matt Damon, Leslie Jones battle over Weezer on ‘SNL’

Tuesday 02:25 GMT

Watching Leslie Jones and Matt Damon fight over Weezer on #snl literally made my whole night. Me walking in on that SNL sketch: "Hey guys, Weezer put out one perfect album and it was the Blue Album. Pinkerton sucks and I could tell it was creepy when I was 15."

The bit sparked joy and laughs across the board in the Weezer camps, as fans took sides with either Damon or Jones to agree with their preferred era of the Beverly Hills rockers’ career.

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