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Source: Fox News

Secretary Wilson, Gen. Goldfein: Air Force must be bigger, more ready and more lethal

Thursday 23:40 GMT

The Air Force has steadily improved its readiness and combat capability while speeding up the way we buy weapons, fix aircraft and develop technology.

Based on rigorous analysis of the current and future threat, the Air Force needs 386 operational squadrons, up from the current 312. The Air Force has been continuously engaged in combat across the globe since 2001 and is simply too small for what the nation asks it to do.

1 Article
Source: Fox News

How AI changes B-2 and F-35 attack strategies

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

Attack missions, targeting and combat data-sharing in an F-35 or B-2 are all transforming quickly due to the rapid integration of emerging AI systems, leading the Air Force to adjust tactics and adapt future war strategies.

This not only increases mission efficiency and safety but also helps ensure that B-2 stealth bomber missions remain effective and relevant for years to come.

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