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Climate change spells turbulent times ahead for air travel

Today 02:26 GMT

Whether the threat is too much heat for take-off, too much ice to stay in the air or too much water to land, most airports and airlines are approaching climate change as a problem they will address as it arises.

As the world warms and weather becomes more extreme, aircraft designers, airport planners and pilots must all respond, both in the air and on the ground.

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Source: Washington Post

Her Olympics over, Maame Biney looks ahead to Beijing 2022

Sunday 14:30 GMT

When she slid into last place in her 1,500-meter heat, then officially out of competition in her first Olympic Games, she smiled.

Now, after falling in the semifinal of the 500-meter Tuesday and the 1,500-meter Saturday, she can have her barbecue and head to Poland, where she’ll compete in the World Junior Championships in a couple weeks. Four years from now, she will almost certainly carry the hopes of the American women’s short-track team, which has one more chance at a medal in PyeongChang, lest it fails to earn one for the second straight Games.

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Source: New York Times

Brazil Looks to Crack Down on Fake News Ahead of Bitter Election

Sunday 20:55 GMT

Worried that Brazilians will soon be flooded with fake news ahead of a critical presidential election, the country is setting out to crack down on organized efforts to intentionally mislead voters.

“It is necessary to consider which of these two principles must be sacrificed in the name of an election that is neutral and not tainted by deceitful news,” said Luiz Fux, a Supreme Court justice who recently assumed the presidency of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the highest authority on election laws and regulations. “Sometimes the excessive concern with freedom of expression ends up violating a more important principle — the democratic principle.”

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Imports Rose Again at U.S. Ports Last Month

Saturday 18:11 GMT

Imports rose steadily at the nation’s seaports in January, as U.S. retailers and manufacturers restocked after the holidays and Chinese suppliers stepped up shipments ahead of an annual two-week factory shutdown during the Lunar New Year.

Post-holiday inbound volumes remained steady as importers rushed in orders ahead of Asia’s Lunar New Year break

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