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A quick UK-US post-Brexit trade dealLooking at Nafta, that seems unlikely

Today 04:15 GMT

Many, if not most, economists argue that this goal is unachievable through any trade agreement, since the US trade deficit is more closely related to low savings in the country, and its high government deficit, than to trade policy.

Does the recent Canadian experience with the Nafta renegotiations suggest a quick and smooth conclusion of US-UK trade talks? Uncertainty about British access to the EU single market may also complicate talks, since it will affect the value to the US of British market access.

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Source: New York Times

Why ‘Made in America’ Is Stitched Into the Law, but Not the Uniforms

Today 04:16 GMT

It might come as a surprise that the uniforms of those Secret Service agents that protect and surround him every day are probably made outside the United States, most likely in Mexico.

Like a much older law, the Berry Amendment, which requires the Department of Defense to buy American food, clothing and other products, the Kissell Amendment tried to help domestic industry by directing the Department of Homeland Security to buy uniforms, body armor, tents and other fabric items from domestic sources.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte