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Frederick Douglass was a Christian and a patriot – why is this so hard for the left to accept?

Today 09:56 GMT

Last week, actor Danny Glover took center stage as the keynote speaker at Quinnipiac University’s Black History Month event to “explore the similarities of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and its early abolitionist roots –– particularly Frederick Douglass –– to build connections, increase dialogue and end racism.” While it would be fascinating to hear Glover’s plan to “end racism,” it’s even more striking—or perhaps, disappointing—to see Frederick Douglass’ legacy listed among the roots of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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As Victims Are Mourned in Florida, a Search for Solace, and Action

Monday 20:01 GMT

Their mission is to pivot America’s long-running gun control debate — which tends to flare up with each mass shooting — toward meaningful action.

Ms. González, a senior at the school, said the group was inviting elected officials “from any side of the political spectrum” to join the movement. “We are not trying to take people’s guns away; we are trying to make sure we have gun safety.”

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Fla. school shooting survivor David Hogg says: Speak out

Monday 08:59 GMT

For the unfortunate individuals that were at my school, I ask that this be a time of togetherness, and something that is going to be always remembered, not only as a terrible incident, but as a turning point in American history, where students speak up and speak out when the politicians won't.

We asked for the opinion of senior David Hogg, the head of the student TV station there:. I was in my environmental science class when the first gunshot echoed through the hallways.

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