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Source: Global News

12 Afghan children killed in airstrike targeting Taliban commander, local officials say

Sunday 15:24 GMT

At least 20 Afghan civilians, including 12 children, were killed in an airstrike targeting a Taliban commander in the eastern province of Kunar late on Friday, local officials said.

The strike, against a local Taliban commander named Sharif Mawiya, was the latest in a series of operations targeting senior insurgent field commanders, including the shadow governor of the strategic southern province of Helmand, who was killed on Dec. 2.. Several Taliban military commanders have been killed since the beginning of the month by Afghan forces, backed by U.S. advisers and air power but the tactic has also increased the risk of civilian casualties.

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Source: The Guradian

Forever prisoners: were a father and son wrongly ensnared by America’s war on terror?

Friday 04:15 GMT

It is almost as if, having disappeared into US prisons, father and son ceased to exist as anything but a statistic of the war on terror, forever labelled as terrorists.

Saifullah’s 14-year-old son, Mustafa, loved gaming, and had asked his father to bring him back a graphics card for his computer from Bangkok. The Parachas – Saifullah, Farhat and their four children – lived across town, in the upscale Karachi neighbourhood, Defence.

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