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Understanding the psyche of today's American oligarchy through magazine ads

Monday 10:49 GMT

Last night as I paged through the new issue of the New Yorker, dated 26 November, I felt like I was reading a dispatch from the one-percenters who run the American economy, take far more than their fair share of American income, and lately have ruined American politics.

The New Yorker especially has set the agenda in certain areas, with Jane Mayer’s reporting first on official US torture after 9/11 and then, more recently, on the role of right-wing money in American politics.

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The Morning Risk Report: U.S. Encourages Banks to Innovate in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Wednesday 03:21 GMT

Banks that find problems with legacy compliance programs when testing new technology won’t necessarily be penalized for prior failures, U.S. regulators said Monday.

The pledge, in a joint statement from multiple U.S. regulators, comes as authorities encourage lenders to try out new technology and intelligence-gathering methods as they combat evolving illicit-finance threats, Risk & Compliance Journal’s Samuel Rubenfeld reports.

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Federal Judge Voices Concerns About Justice Dept. Approval of CVS-Aetna Deal

Wednesday 06:05 GMT

When the Justice Department identifies concerns with a merger—and reaches an agreement with the merging companies to address them—a federal law called the Tunney Act requires the government to file the proposed settlement for approval by a federal court, which determines whether the deal is in the public interest.

A federal judge on Monday sharply questioned the Justice Department’s decision to green-light CVS Health Corp.’s CVS -0.85% nearly $70 billion acquisition of Aetna Inc., and said he may order CVS to halt its integration of Aetna’s assets while he considers the merger’s implications.

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Across Trump’s America, the grassroots are growing radical

Thursday 06:05 GMT

Beto O’Rourke’s surprisingly strong challenge in Texas, and a host of unheralded victories across Texas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan are the fruits of a new effort by a generation of young organisers committed to building political power from the grassroots: organisers such as Waleed Shahid and Corbin Trent of Justice Democrats, a group calling for “a Democratic party that fights for its voters, not just its corporate donors”.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte