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Source: Fox News

Bernie Sanders' hiring of non-American campaign advisers may violate federal election laws, complaint says

Today 14:30 GMT

Bernie Sanders was hit a complaint this week, claiming his presidential campaign violated federal election laws by employing non-Americans in advisery positions.

A new complaint by the Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) notes that three members of the Sanders campaign are foreign nationals, which appears to be a violation of federal election laws that prohibit foreign interference.

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Biden advisers mull Stacey Abrams for running mate

Friday 12:40 GMT

Axios reports close advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are debating the idea of packaging his presidential campaign announcement with a pledge to choose Stacey Abrams as his vice president.

The Georgia Democrat, who is African-American and 31 years younger than Biden, would bring diversity and excitement to the ticket and show voters, in the words of a close source, that Biden “isn’t just another old white guy,” Axios said.

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