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Source: ABC News

Duke of Edinburgh reportedly driving without a seat belt days after car accident

Today 19:04 GMT

An offense punishable by fine in the U.K.. Regional Norfolk police confirmed to ABC News that they had been in contact with the Duke of Edinburgh.

The photos appeared just two days after he was part of a car crash involving two women and a 9-month-old baby near the royal Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Both of the women involved in the crash, who suffered minor injuries, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh were treated at a nearby hospital in East Anglia.

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Prince Philip photographed driving without seatbelt two days after car crash

Today 19:04 GMT

British police have spoken with Prince Philip after the husband of Queen Elizabeth II was photographed apparently driving without wearing a seatbelt — just two days after he was involved in a serious car crash.

WATCH: Princess Anne say she has ‘no idea’ how father Prince Philip faring after car crash. Philip has been in generally good health and was photographed in December driving a horse-drawn carriage.

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Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer?

Friday 23:40 GMT

"The UK policy identifying the need for nuclear to play a role alongside renewables has been supported by numerous independent studies," said a spokesperson for EDF, which is building the Hinkley C nuclear power plant. "Nuclear provides low-carbon electricity when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine."

With old nuclear stations closing, nuclear won't be able to fulfil its third of the deal unless new nuclear plants are built.

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Employee Furloughs Virtually Shut Down Accident Inquiries and Other Work at NTSB

Sunday 17:14 GMT

Employee furloughs have forced the National Transportation Safety Board to suspend practically all accident investigations and continue to prevent officials from even determining whether future probes of specific crashes may be warranted, according to information released by the agency Friday.

Roughly 93% of the NTSB’s 397 employees are off the job as a result of the partial government shutdown, the data indicate, with a total of more than a dozen small plane crashes and railroad accidents left untouched that otherwise would have prompted on-site visits by NTSB staff.

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Prince Philip car accident: 9-month-old baby involved in collision

Saturday 15:24 GMT

Queen Elizabeth‘s 97-year-old husband Prince Philip was recovering at the couple’s home in eastern England on Friday after escaping without injury when his car flipped over following a crash with another vehicle.

Philip was at the wheel of his Land Rover when it collided with another car on a road close to the royals’ Sandringham private residence in Norfolk on Thursday afternoon, Buckingham Palace said.

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