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Why Equifax stock could be a better bet than Apple in 2018

Saturday 01:32 GMT

That’s because Equifax EFX, +2.74%  — at least according to a list from 24/7 Wall Street — is the most hated company in America right now, while Apple AAPL, +3.36%   is on Fortune magazine’s recently-released list of most admired companies.

Equifax jumps over this hurdle, as I reported last fall: Teal Linde, editor of the Linde Equity Report, recommended Equifax soon after its stock plummeted in the wake of the data breach.

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Japan had 20,000 applications for asylum in 2017. It accepted 20

Saturday 03:20 GMT

Japan accepted just 20 asylum seekers last year – despite a record 19,628 applications – drawing accusations that the country is unfairly closing its door on people in genuine need.

Since 2010, Japan has granted work permits to asylum seekers with valid visas to work while their refugee claims were reviewed, a change the government says has fuelled a dramatic rise in “bogus” applications from people who are simply seeking work.

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