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Source: Washington Post

Five myths about domestic violence

Today 04:15 GMT

Because coverage of domestic violence overwhelmingly focuses on physical abuse — think of the photos, the police reports, the restraining orders — many people have difficulty self-identifying as victims of its verbal and emotional forms.

Many law enforcement officers, who often handle domestic violence calls, now receive training on how to detect nonphysical domestic abuse. The language and thinking around this issue (“battered woman syndrome,” for instance) are extraordinarily gendered.

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Source: Reuters

Chileans lose faith as Vatican scrambles to contain sex abuse scandal

Saturday 02:29 GMT

To understand why Chile, one of Latin America’s most socially conservative nations, is losing faith in the Roman Catholic Church, visit Providencia, a middle-class area of Santiago coming to terms with a decades-old clergy sex abuse scandal.

Providencia is home to El Bosque, the former parish of priest Fernando Karadima, who was found guilty in a Vatican investigation in 2011 of abusing teenage boys over many years, spurring a chain of events leading to this week’s visit by a Vatican investigator.

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Source: Global News

U.S. gymnasts speak of eating disorders, emotional abuse, training on broken bones

Today 04:15 GMT

Thirteen former U.S. gymnasts and three coaches interviewed by The Associated Press described a win-at-all-cost culture rife with verbal and emotional abuse in which girls were forced to train on broken bones and other injuries.

READ MORE: Ex-gymnast says Larry Nassar molested her in his basement while she had a broken leg. But while the Karolyis are credited with dramatically improving the performance and medal counts of the U.S. women’s team, gymnasts in the U.S. and Romania told AP that the couple were verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive.

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Source: CBS News

Father accused of chaining, beating mentally disabled twin daughters

Saturday 15:25 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS – A 51-year-old man is accused of keeping his adult twin daughters with mental disabilities chained in their home where he beat them with bats and paddles, and raped one of them, leaving her pregnant, reports CBS affiliate WCCO.

According to a criminal complaint, police began investigating Curry last spring after one of his 20-year-old twin daughters ran away and told shelter workers that she was afraid of returning home.

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Source: BBC

Sex abuse of groomed women 'extensive'

Saturday 11:49 GMT

David Spicer led a review in the wake of Operation Sanctuary which saw 18 people jailed for the sexual abuse of young women groomed in Newcastle.

A Home Office spokesman said: "These are abhorrent crimes that have had a devastating impact on the lives of the victims involved."

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Source: DW

Barry Bennell child-abuse case about justice rather than change

Friday 11:48 GMT

When former professional footballer Andy Woodward revealed in November, 2016, that he had been abused by youth coach Barry Bennell, it led to scores of other players coming forward.

Thousands of young players may well have come in contact with youth clubs or summer camps that are not regulated by the FA.

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Why Ruth Wilson is having an identity crisis

Saturday 07:02 GMT

Wilson says she chooses her films for artistic merit rather than their action-packed bums-on-seats credentials - which means they're mostly small independents.

Wilson experienced the realities of rural life for herself - the six-week location shoot followed three weeks living with a farming family. We see the physical and mental strength Alice exerts - to eat, she has to kill, skin and gut her catch (a skill Wilson learned on YouTube).

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