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Trump's war on science: how the US is putting politics above evidence


Experts who have worked in the federal government under Republicans and Democrats say both have sometimes put politics ahead of science but none have done so as blatantly as Trump.

Climate change and environmental science have been at the forefront of the battle between science and the Trump administration. The Trump administration has also erroneously questioned the effectiveness of contraceptives in rules expanding exemptions for employers that don’t want to cover them under insurance plans.

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Source: Fox News

Trump accuses Pelosi of being 'controlled by the radical left,' hours before White House statement on shutdown

Sunday 15:24 GMT

President Trump on Saturday accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being controlled by the far-left, hours before he is due to make an "important" White House announcement on the partial government shutdown and border security. "She's being controlled by the radical left, which is a problem, and you know she's under total control of the radical left.

Pelosi wrote to Trump earlier this week calling on him to either delay the State of the Union address or submit it in writing.

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