Most Objective Articles In Past 7 Days
Source: New York Times

Trump Moves to Impede Consumer Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes

Saturday 18:11 GMT

The Trump administration is pushing to scrap a rule that would have made it easier for nursing home residents to sue nursing homes for injuries caused by substandard care, abuse or neglect, bringing its campaign to relax federal regulations to the delicate business of care for older Americans.

The push would undo a rule issued by the Obama administration that would have prevented nursing homes from requiring that consumers agree to resolve any disputes through arbitration rather than litigation.

Source: The Week

Could the 25th Amendment really remove Trump from office?

Friday 09:57 GMT

Since the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent descent of our country into increasingly unmanageable political and constitutional chaos, Americans have become acquainted with a previously obscure article in the 25th Amendment to the Constitution that allows a president's own Cabinet to begin the process of removing him from office.

So, to recap, this is what would happen in Trump's case: Vice President Pence and a majority of Trump's Cabinet principles declare Trump to be unfit for the office and Trump would be temporarily removed from office.

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After a rocky year, Fifth Harmony is in control — and tighter than ever

Friday 15:27 GMT

Inside a Burbank rehearsal studio, the women of Fifth Harmony — surrounded by the thousands of album booklets they’ve autographed for fans, the most dedicated of whom are known as “Harmonizers” — are having an emoji debate.

Co-writing and ownership of records is a first for these women — since being put together on the U.S. edition of the televised singing competition “The X Factor,” the members of Fifth Harmony, which also includes Lauren Jauregui, 21, have struggled to assert their independence and prove they’re singular artists who are not just a made-for-TV creation.

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Roger Taney statue removed from Maryland State House grounds overnight

Saturday 11:44 GMT

Under the cover of night, a work crew removed the statue of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney from the grounds of the State House, ending the monument’s 145-year perch on the prominent spot in Annapolis.

She was pleased that Baltimore had removed its Taney statue and three Confederate monuments, and felt fortunate to witness the Taney removal in Annapolis. "It was a beautiful thing to wake up and see something so beautiful happened when I was asleep," said Norman, 27.. "It was nice to see Annapolis get prettier tonight," said her companion, 30-year-old Ian Wolfe of Frederick.

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16-member White House arts committee is latest group to quit Trump

Sunday 15:26 GMT
Source: CBS News

Sen. Kaine says Va. could "probably do better" on state's chosen statues in Capitol

Monday 15:27 GMT
Source: New York Times

Stocks Drop as Attacks in Spain Push Investors to Safe Havens

Saturday 13:35 GMT
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Cyberattack cost Maersk as much as $300 million and disrupted operations for 2 weeks

Saturday 09:55 GMT
Source: The Guradian

Brooklyn's social housing microgrid rewrites relationships with utility companies

Thursday 09:56 GMT
Source: Washington Post

That brutal, bizarre Chicago murder case began with sex and suicide fantasies, prosecutors say

Monday 11:46 GMT
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Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger gets day off after spraining ankle

Sunday 20:00 GMT
Source: Fox News

New move to build tiny home community for homeless veterans

Today 04:16 GMT
Source: NBC News

Australia's top Olympian, Airway CEO urge support for same-sex marriage

Today 04:15 GMT
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Musicians turn to boutique licensing firms to get their songs in TV shows, movies and on streaming sites

Today 04:15 GMT
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Amazon says new accounting rule will change when it recognizes sales of its devices

Tuesday 17:18 GMT
Source: NBC News

On 'The Bold Type,' actress Nikohl Boosheri plays a 'confident, empowered' Lesbian Muslim

Today 04:15 GMT
Source: NBC News

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's wife defends wealth in Instagram tirade

Today 04:15 GMT
Source: New York Times

Brand to Know: a Canadian Line Inspired by the Designers’ Friends

Today 04:16 GMT

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