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Source: BBC

Rival concerts staged at Venezuela border

Today 06:59 GMT

Two rival concerts on either side of a bridge linking Venezuela and Colombia are to be held on Friday amid a row over the delivery of humanitarian aid.

A spokesman for Mr Branson told the BBC that he was working with the Colombian entrepreneur Bruno Ocampo to organise the concert and sort out the logistics while Mr Ocampo said the details "remain confidential".

Source: BBC

Father sues to allow IS woman's US return

Today 06:59 GMT

The father of an Alabama college student who left the US to join the Islamic State (IS) group is suing the government over her right to return.

The case has similarities to that of UK-born teenager Shamima Begum who has been stripped of her British citizenship - Ms Begum fled London to join IS in 2015 but is now seeking to return to the UK.

Source: Global News

Trump reverses pledge to withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria, will now leave 400 behind

Today 06:59 GMT

The United States will leave about 400 U.S. troops split between two different regions of Syria, a senior administration official said on Friday, a reversal by President Donald Trump that could pave the way for U.S. allies to keep troops in Syria.

Trump had ordered the withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops Syria in December after he said they had defeated Islamic State militants in Syria. The abrupt decision sparked an outcry from allies and U.S. lawmakers and was a factor in Jim Mattis’ resignation as defense secretary.

Source: CTV

PM Trudeau tells Canadians to listen to clerk in SNC-Lavalin matter

Today 06:02 GMT

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be pressured Monday to testify at a House of Commons committee looking into allegations the prime minister and his staff pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to stop a criminal prosecution of Montreal-based engineering giant SNC-Lavalin.

The Conservative party will introduce a motion arguing that since Trudeau keeps saying the Commons justice committee is well placed to investigate the allegations, he should have no problem showing up there himself to answer questions about his role in the matter.

Source: Fox News

R. Kelly charged with multiple counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse

Today 06:59 GMT

R. Kelly was charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual abuse involving multiple victims in a Chicago court Friday after decades of rumors and allegations that the R&B star was abusing women and underage girls.

MICHAEL AVENATTI: R. KELLY SEEN HAVING SEX WITH UNDERAGE GIRL IN NEWLY UNCOVERED VIDEO. Kelly has denied allegations of sexual misconduct involving women and underage girls for decades.

Source: Global News

Democrats introduce measure to block Trump’s emergency declaration

Today 06:59 GMT

House Democrats on Friday introduced a resolution to block the national emergency declaration that U.S. President Donald Trump issued to fund his long-sought wall along the U.S-Mexico border.

The measure to block Trump’s edict will be closely watched in the Senate, where moderates such as Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., have signalled they would back it. Should the House and the Senate initially approve the measure, Congress seems unlikely to muster the two-thirds majorities in each chamber that would be needed later to override a certain Trump veto.

Source: BBC

R Kelly charged with sexual offences

Today 06:59 GMT

Singer R Kelly has been charged on Friday with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, some involving underage victims, US media report.

The R&B star, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, has faced claims of sexual abuse against women and teenage girls for decades. The 52-year-old is expected in court in Chicago, where he lives, on 8 March, which is International Women's Day.

Source: BBC

US to leave 200 troops after Syria pullout

Today 06:59 GMT

The US military will keep 200 troops in Syria to serve as a peacekeeping force after it pulls out most of its soldiers, the White House says.

At its height, five years ago, IS controlled 88,000 sq km (34,000 sq miles) of territory stretching from western Syria to eastern Iraq.

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Business investment dries up after Trump tariff tiff with China, global woes, shutdown

Today 06:59 GMT

Business investment soared in 2017 in anticipation of the biggest corporate tax cuts in 31 years, but companies have hit the brakes since the White House stepped up its attack on Chinese trade practices.

Chief economist Stephen Stanley of Amherst Pierpont Securities said he viewed the weakness in business investment as a response to “imposition of tariffs on China” and “the prospect of a trade war” involving the world’s two largest economies.

Source: Reuters

Bye-bye Brexit: History haunts German woman leaving UK to avoid...

Today 06:59 GMT

“Being German, we’ve grown up with a very keen sense of our history and the idea that these things shouldn’t repeat and certain things are just, you know when they feel sort of slightly worrying - when is the right time to leave?” she said, speaking in London-accented English.

Actor Sonja Morgenstern, a German national who has lived in London since 1996, packed up and moved back to Nuremberg this week in hopes of rediscovering the peace and certainty she lost when Britain voted for Brexit in 2016.

Source: Fox News

California judge rules twin son of gay couple is American citizen

Today 06:59 GMT

A federal judge in California ruled Thursday that a twin son of a gay married couple has been an American citizen since birth, handing a defeat to the U.S. government, which had only granted the status to his brother.

The State Department didn't recognize the couple's marriage, the lawsuit said, and only granted citizenship to the boy whose biological mother was born and raised in the U.S.

Source: Global News

Amy Winehouse hologram tour put on hold

Today 05:09 GMT

Last October, Base Hologram announced they had partnered with The Winehouse Estate to create an Amy Winehouse hologram world tour; one which would celebrate the musical legacy of the late soul legend.

The tour was originally announced at the 2018 Amy Winehouse Foundation gala in London by her father, Mitch Winehouse, and the CEO of production at Base Hologram, Marty Tudor. “Developing our productions is a cross between a Broadway show and a concert spectacle which requires creative engineering and that type of creativity does not necessarily follow a schedule,” concluded Becker.

Source: DW

Venezuela: Juan Guaido urges army to let aid through

Today 06:59 GMT

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido urged the military to defy the acting president's orders and let Saturday's planned delivery of US-supplied humanitarian aid go ahead smoothly.

Venezuela's opposition is preparing to bring shipments of food and medical supplies into the country — against the orders of embattled acting President Maduro. The plan could lead to clashes with soldiers at the border.

Source: Fox News

Governor DeSantis issues order suspending 'unfit' Florida mayor said to have shot at deputies serving warrant

Today 06:04 GMT

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order on Friday suspending a mayor who reportedly opened fire on deputies serving a warrant, calling him “unfit” to serve.

“Dale Glen Massad is clearly unfit to continue serving as mayor for the city of Port Richey,” DeSantis said in a statement.

Source: The Guradian

I navigated London Fashion Week in a wheelchair – and it didn't always go smoothly

Today 06:04 GMT

If attending London Fashion Week has taught me anything, it’s that diversity and disability inclusion is slowly working its way into the fashion industry.

Yet recently I’ve felt like an outsider within the fashion community because of my disability, which ate away at my coordination and means I have relied on a wheelchair for the last two years, since the age of 19. The Bora Aksu collection was inspired by the first female astronaut in space, Valentina Tereshkova, and featured layers of ruffles and delicate fabric.

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