Most Positive Articles In The Past 7 Days
Source: New York Times

Still Processing: Outrage Over ‘Bodega’ and Horror at the Movies

Friday 02:25 GMT

JW: Well, I want to talk to you about It and horror movies in general and I know we both also saw Mother!, which I definitely want to talk about.

I would pay more money to hear you talk about Mother! than I would to see Mother!, and I actually had a really good time at that movie, so I would love to talk about horror movies. I also want to talk about how horror is right now, for reasons that are really fascinating to me, a vehicle for several other ideas, and how you can be scared but you can also be thinking about what you’re actually scared of.

Source: NBC News

Putin says 'patriotic' Russians could have been part of hacking plots

Friday 02:27 GMT

Before his January inauguration, Trump acknowledged that Russia waged cyberattacks on America, but his campaign's ties with Russian officials have been called into question amid a wider FBI investigation into the hacking.

After the Kremlin vigorously denied meddling in last year's U.S. election, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested for the first time Thursday that private "patriotic" hackers could be behind such attacks on the world's democracies. During an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russia, Putin told international media that those cyber disrupters might wake up in "high spirits" and want to act out — simply on behalf of their country.

Source: The Guradian

It’s lit! How film finally learned to light black skin

Friday 02:28 GMT

Although many directors lament the shift from shooting on film to digital cameras, one of the advantages is that one can digitally recreate the effects of shooting on extinct Fuji, Kodak or Agfa film stocks, which were particularly good for capturing the richness of black skin.

Berkofsky has put herself firmly in the ranks of a new generation of cinematographers who are finally giving black skin the treatment it always deserved.

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Deal of the Day: Will Groupon Get Acquired?

Friday 03:18 GMT

“We believe there’s a reasonable probability that Groupon could be acquired by IAC, especially if the public markets do not better reflect the fair value of Groupon,” Kemp wrote late Wednesday. Groupon’s “marketplace models are well aligned with IAC’s past project companies,” he added.

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Source: ABC News

Obama on Republican repeal-and-replace efforts: 'It is aggravating'

Friday 03:19 GMT

“When I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage, or roll back protections for older Americans or people with pre-existing conditions -- the cancer survivor, the expecting mom or the child with autism, or asthma, for whom coverage once again would be almost unattainable -- it is aggravating,” Obama said at the Gates Foundation’s "Goalkeepers" event in New York. “And all of this being done without any demonstrable economic or actuarial or plain common sense rationale, it frustrates," he added.

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Apple’s divergence from Nasdaq could spell trouble for tech stocks’ rally

Friday 03:21 GMT

Apple’s stock is marching to a different drumbeat than the Nasdaq, and that is a bearish signal for the technology sector’s powerful rally, which has helped the U.S. stock market notch back-to-back records this year.

Katy Huberty, Morgan Stanley’s IT hardware analyst, on Tuesday raised Apple’ price target to $194 from $182 and kept her “overweight” rating on the stock, noting that the company’s “aspirational brand,” high customer loyalty, and weaker U.S. dollar DXY, -0.28% allows the iPhone maker to increase prices without dampening demand.

Source: BBC

The unexpected way that Bollywood could help millions

Friday 03:21 GMT

If the idea can finally succeed in winning such support, millions of kids and adults could potentially improve their language skills… not only in a classroom, but watching TV and mouthing Bollywood lyrics.

In Vadod, a village in India’s westernmost state Gujarat, 22-year-old Chhayaben Sondha could only speak her mother tongue, a regional language called Gujarati, before she began following Rangoli, a weekly show that features Bollywood songs from India’s popular Hindi-language film industry.

Source: DW

L'Oreal billionare Liliane Bettencourt dies

Friday 03:22 GMT

Liliane Bettencourt, the world's richest woman and daughter of L'Oreal founder Eugene Schueller, died in her Paris home Wednesday night.

Bettencourt told a TV interviewer a few years ago, "My daughter could have waited patiently for my death instead of doing all she can to precipitate it."

Source: ABC News

Hurricane Maria strengthens back to Category 3 after destroying Puerto Rico

Friday 04:13 GMT

Hurricane Maria restrengthened to a major hurricane early Thursday after laying waste to Puerto Rico and leaving the island totally in the dark.

Storm surge was receding from Puerto Rico Thursday, but the U.S. territory was hit with 20 to 30 inches of rain in 24 hours, with some areas seeing 35 inches locally. Maria came ashore as a powerful Category 4 hurricane with 155 mph winds, the strongest to hit the island since 1932.

Source: DW

Ugandan police shut down protests over presidential age limit bill

Friday 04:14 GMT

Police in Uganda fired teargas at demonstrators protesting against a proposed law that could remove presidential age limits.

Museveni is now serving his fifth term as Uganda's president, after winning the 2016 elections in a poll marred by allegations of vote fraud and intimidation by security forces.

Source: CBS News

Pope Francis admits Catholic Church realized sex abuse problem "a bit late"

Friday 04:16 GMT

Pope Francis on Thursday acknowledged the Catholic Church was "a bit late" in realizing the damage done by priests who rape and molest children, and said that the decades-long practice of moving pedophiles around rather than sanctioning them was to blame.

Francis met for the first time with his sex abuse advisory commission, a group of outside experts named in 2014 to advise him and the Catholic Church on best practices to keep pedophiles out of the priesthood and to protect children.

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Russia warns US, says special forces helping Syrian troops

Friday 04:17 GMT

Russia on Thursday issued a stern warning to U.S. forces and their allies in Syria, saying it has deployed Russian special forces alongside Syrian government troops in the battle for the oil-rich Deir el-Zour province and that Moscow would retaliate if the Russians come under fire.

The Russian special forces' deployment raises the specter of a direct confrontation on the ground between Russian forces and pro-Syrian troops they back on one side, and the U.S.-supported Kurdish-led Syrian forces on the other.

Source: Global News

‘We’re just fascinated’: Arctic cruise tourism comes of age

Friday 05:07 GMT

Just ask Anna Aaluq, who’s waiting on a pebbly beach to guide a group of cruise ship passengers around her hometown of Gjoa Haven, Nunavut.

Cruise operators could be required to file economic benefit reports, to limit the number of passengers disembarking at any one time, to notify communities within a certain time if a ship’s schedule changed and to distribute visitor guidelines to passengers. The Nunavut government has passed new regulations for cruise ships that are expected to be in effect for next year.

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Investors Don’t Love Blue Apron but a Supermarket Might

Friday 05:08 GMT

Just a few months after Blue Apron ’s disappointing IPO, privately-held supermarket chain Albertsons agreed to buy Plated, another meal-in-a-box company.

Though terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, investors seem to think that the transaction validates the meal-kit category, which means that struggling Blue Apron could also be sought after by a grocer. Just a few months after Blue Apron ’s disappointing IPO, privately-held supermarket chain Albertsons agreed to buy Plated, another meal-in-a-box company.

Source: CBS News

Asteroid-bound probe to slingshot past Earth Friday

Friday 05:09 GMT

Streaking through space at some 19,000 miles per hour, OSIRIS-REx will make its closest approach to Earth at 12:52 p.m. ET Friday, passing some 11,000 miles above Antarctica just south of Cape Horn, Chile, in a long-planned gravity-assist flyby that will boost the probe's velocity and, more important, put it in the same orbital plane as Bennu.

One year after launch, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is racing back toward Earth for a critical flyby Friday, using the planet's gravity to change course and set up a rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu late next year in a billion-dollar mission to grab a sample from the surface and return it to waiting scientists.

Source: DW

Opinion: The world needs more Europe and less Donald Trump

Saturday 04:16 GMT
Source: DW

Nazi gun removed from statue of AK-47 founder Mikhail Kalashnikov in Moscow

Saturday 01:31 GMT
Source: DW

Nazi gun removed from statue of AK-47 founder Mikhail Kalashnikov in Moscow

Saturday 04:17 GMT
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After Hurricane Maria, 'Puerto Rico isn’t going to be the same'

Saturday 00:40 GMT
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Trump positioned to slap potentially crushing tariffs on solar industry

Saturday 07:01 GMT
Source: CBS News

Hurricane Maria targets Bahamas as Puerto Rico begins long recovery

Friday 22:48 GMT
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'The face of evil': Worst mass shooter in Orange County history sentenced to life in prison

Saturday 05:12 GMT
Source: DW

Miss Turkey loses title for a tweet too far

Saturday 23:40 GMT
Source: New York Times

Berkeley Students Speak Out About Free Speech

Saturday 22:46 GMT
Source: CBS News

Skin protection pays off as you age

Saturday 16:20 GMT
Source: CBS News

Will it take a disaster for the U.S. to get an earthquake warning system?

Today 11:46 GMT
Source: Reuters

Weakened dam the latest threat as Puerto Rico reels from hurricane

Today 11:46 GMT
Source: NBC News

Milo Yiannopoulos' 'Free Speech Week' at UC Berkeley canceled

Today 11:46 GMT
Source: NBC News

Venezuela's President Maduro vows 'maximum penalty' for 'terrorist' attack on military base

Saturday 20:01 GMT

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte