Most Positive Articles In The Past 7 Days
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From Soho to Paris, how migrant music brought two capitals to life

Sunday 15:24 GMT

Paris-Londres, Music Migrations 1962-1989, which opens next month at Paris’s Musée de L’Histoire de L’Immigration, traces how migrant music influenced popular trends as well as political and social movements and became a tool to fight racism, inequality and oppression and foster integration.

“We want to show that with the migrants came artists and composers and their music, and that this music from elsewhere brought a richness that’s part of our heritage.” “And the common denominator is that this diversity is a mark of the success of integration.”

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Why Kate Middleton skipped Meghan Markle's royal baby shower

Thursday 15:25 GMT

MEGHAN MARKLE FACES SCRUTINY, FAMILY WOES NINE MONTHS AFTER BLISSFUL ROYAL WEDDING. It could also be that the duchesses simply aren't that close: Markle and Harry missed Middleton's birthday celebrations last month, but royal reps have staunchly denied that the ladies are feuding.

MEGHAN MARKLE'S FAMILY DRAMA LIKELY TO WORSEN AFTER BIRTH OF ROYAL BABY, EXPERT WARNS. A royal source told The Sun that William and Middleton likely went to their favorite ski resort, the Courchevel in the Troi Vallees in France, while Markle parties across the pond.

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Las Vegas: rare winter storm brings first significant snow for years

Friday 03:19 GMT

A winter storm brought rare snowfall to the Las Vegas Strip this week, dusting casino marquees and prompting revelers to erect a snowman near the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

Attorney Al Lasso, who moved to Las Vegas from New Jersey 25 years ago, snapped a photo of a ruler standing in 7in (17.8cm) of snow on his back patio in the foothill community of Summerlin. Some flight delays reached more than two hours, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Source: BBC

Six strange subjects that became musicals

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks might not seem like the most obvious inspiration for a musical, but it's the subject of a new West End show.

While the likes of West Side Story continue to delight audiences, the public didn't take a musical version of Stephen King's horror novel Carrie to their hearts. The song and dance routine about slaughtering a pig, at the opening of the second act, might have put some theatre-goers off.

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Doug Schoen: Remembering Pat Caddell -- a colleague, mentor and friend

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

I have appeared on air with Pat Caddell many times on Fox News, and I would like to think that the contribution that we made together was a profound one.

I am proud to have called Pat Caddell a friend, but even more proud to have called him a mentor, colleague, and a visionary. He will be missed, and missed profoundly, by all of those who have been involved with politics at a high level for the last 50 years.

Source: BBC

Karl Lagerfeld: The life of a design icon in pictures

Wednesday 20:01 GMT

German model Claudia Schiffer and English model Kate Moss though displayed fur creations designed by Karl Lagerfeld for the Fall-Winter ready-to-wear collection of Chanel in Paris.

Including actor Vin Diesel and supermodel Gisele Bundchen - attended the show at Havana's Prado promenade to see Lagerfeld displaying the new collection. World celebrities gathered at a leafy promenade that was turned into a catwalk for the firm's Cruise collection, even though Chanel goods are not sold in Cuba.

Source: DW

Afghan asylum-seeker offers to pay Elin Ersson's fine

Friday 15:25 GMT

Arif Talash, an Afghan asylum-seeker living in Germany, told DW on Thursday that he would be willing to pay Ersson's fine.

Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Ersson livestreamed her protest preventing a Turkish Airlines flight from leaving Gothenburg airport with an Afghan asylum-seeker on board. "I'm not going to sit down until this person is off the plane, because he will most likely get killed," she said in the video.

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U.S. government bond yields retreat after data deluge, with Philly Fed in focus

Friday 13:35 GMT

Treasury prices pulled back Thursday, pushing up yields on signs of progress on U.S.-China trade talks and investors sorted through a deluge of economic reports.

The Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index, known as the Philly Fed, dropped sharply to -4.1 from 17 in the prior month — the first negative reading since May 2016. Orders for durable goods rose 1.2% in December, according to a government report delayed for more than a month due to the recently ended partial government shutdown.

Source: The Guradian

Majority of European firms have no CO2 reduction targets

Tuesday 20:55 GMT

Most European companies have no target for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions even though 80% see climate change as a business risk, a survey has found.

European firms now make up half of the CDP’s environmental “A-list” and the managing director for Europe, Steven Tebbe, praised climate disclosure’s entry into the financial mainstream. “The next decade is vital if our shift to a sustainable economy is to be successful, and companies lie at the heart of this transition,” he said.

Source: BBC

Seven of Karl Lagerfeld’s most iconic moments

Thursday 08:59 GMT

His personal style – the uniform dark suits, matching shades and the ponytail – made Karl Lagerfeld instantly recognisable.

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'River of stars' streaming through the Milky Way was hiding in plain sight for 1 billion years

Thursday 08:04 GMT

Scientists say that river of stars could help determine the mass of the entire Milky Way... Astronomers have seen these stars before, mixed in with lots of stars all around them.

The river, which is 1,300 light-years long and 160 light-years wide, winds through the Milky Way's vast, dense star field. But 3D-mapping data from Gaia , a European Space Agency spacecraft, showed that the stars in the stream moved together at roughly the same speed and in the same direction.

Source: The Guradian

Oakland teachers strike for better pay as tech wealth transforms city

Friday 10:51 GMT

Thousands of Oakland public school teachers went on strike Thursday, calling for smaller class sizes, more resources, and better pay in a city where tech money has made it difficult for the vast majority of teachers to survive.

The Oakland Education Association – the union that represents teachers, librarians, counselors, and nurses serving 36,000 students in 87 schools –has been negotiating with the Oakland Unified school district (Ousd) for two years, said the union president, Keith Brown.

Source: Global News

All bets are off — it’s snowing in Las Vegas

Friday 12:40 GMT

A winter storm brought rare snowfall to the Las Vegas Strip, dusting casino marquees and prompting revellers to erect a snowman near the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

Attorney Al Lasso, who moved to Las Vegas from New Jersey 25 years ago, snapped a photo of a ruler standing in 7 inches (17.8 centimetres) of snow on his back patio in the foothill community of Summerlin. Some flight delays reached more than two hours, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Source: Global News

Canadian RJ Barrett has triple-double, No. 2 Duke beats NC State, 94-78

Monday 04:13 GMT

Canadian RJ Barrett had Duke’s first triple-double in 13 years, finishing with 23 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in the second-ranked Blue Devils’ 94-78 victory over North Carolina State on Saturday night.

Barrett, from Mississauga, Ont., became the fourth Duke player with a triple-double and the first since Shelden Williams in January 2006. Zion Williamson scored 32 points on 12-of-16 shooting and Tre Jones added 13 to help the Blue Devils (23-2, 11-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) win their ninth straight.

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When Life Gives You Parkinson’s podcast: Finding hope in Parkinson’s

Thursday 06:04 GMT

In this episode of the When Life Gives You Parkinson’s podcast, Niki Reitmayer and I talk about hope as a common denominator to science and spirituality.

Here is a link to an article about Young Onset Parkinson’s which also discusses employment. When Life Gives You Parkinson’s was selected as one of Apple’s best podcasts of 2018. If you have a comment or question about the podcast, you can email us: parkinsonspod@curiouscast.ca. Special thanks to Bruce Gifford, Dan Gifford, Tracy Cherry, Marty Gifford, and Rebecca Gifford. For more info on our partner, Parkinson Canada, head to 

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FDA warns against 'young blood' transfusions

Wednesday 11:46 GMT
Source: BBC

Are we on the road to civilisation collapse?

Tuesday 00:33 GMT
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9 surprisingly small towns that are home to Fortune 500 companies

Wednesday 13:35 GMT
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The beach nobody can touch

Wednesday 09:52 GMT
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Top 10 foods to try in Sweden

Monday 11:44 GMT
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How the new Form 1040 could save you money before Tax Day

Thursday 17:15 GMT
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Chuka Umunna hopes new party will be created by end of year

Tuesday 12:41 GMT
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Couple sues Planned Parenthood for child support after failed abortion

Today 14:30 GMT
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COMMENTARY: Hate crimes hoaxes are not victimless crimes

Today 18:10 GMT
Source: CTV

PCO Clerk fears 'somebody's going to be shot' during coming election campaign

Today 00:34 GMT
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Conservative activist tells 'Hannity' about alleged assault on UC Berkeley campus

Today 11:44 GMT
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Ontario’s autism funding overhaul — here’s how it compares to the rest of Canada

Today 18:10 GMT
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Green New Deal support could doom Dem presidential candidates in Iowa caucuses

Today 08:04 GMT
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Sean Hannity: Smollett case proves that journalism in this country is dead and buried

Today 11:44 GMT

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte