Most Positive Articles In The Past 7 Days
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Here’s what could happen to Apple’s average selling prices in the next iPhone cycle

Saturday 13:37 GMT

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has weighed in on reports that Apple AAPL, +0.08%  is going to give more attention to lower-cost phones when it releases its new iPhone this year, and she analyzed what such a strategy could mean for the company’s average selling prices.

With these assumptions, Huberty calculates that Apple’s iPhone average selling price for the 2019 fiscal year will fall in the range of about a 2% decline to 2% growth.

Source: New York Times

As Kim Ends Beijing Visit, China and North Korea Craft New Messages

Thursday 16:26 GMT

Propaganda departments in China and North Korea were in full swing on Wednesday as Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, concluded a two-day tour of China that painted the once-reclusive autocrat as a forward-looking leader.

The Chinese state media celebrated Mr. Kim’s surprise visit to Beijing — his third since March — saying that China and North Korea had now repaired their fractured relationship for the good of the world.

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Health Savings Accounts for Everyone

Thursday 02:27 GMT

Health savings accounts allow people to set aside money tax-free to pay for health expenses, but their fundamental purpose is not simply to cushion the blow of costly care.

When HSAs were added to high-deductible plans, savings increased to up to double the savings that high-deductible plans alone produced. Spending reductions averaged 15% annually, according to a 2015 National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, when workers were given high-deductible plans and personal medical accounts.

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Saturday 22:49 GMT

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Source: Global News

How legal weed will affect the Canadian music industry: Alan Cross

Today 16:24 GMT

WATCH BELOW: Celebrity endorsement and lifestyle advertising not allowed with this drug, Blair says. Other artists, managers, agents, promoters and music festivals are all hoping to tap into the revenue that will be generated by legal weed.

Back in January, UP Cannabis, one of the country’s budding (sorry) legal marijuana producers, nailed down an agreement with The Feldman Agency, a major talent booking organization whose roster includes everyone from Alessia Cara and the Barenaked Ladies to Our Lady Peace and Michael Bublé.

Source: New York Times

Magnetic Sense Helps Billions of Moths on an Australian Migration

Friday 09:04 GMT

Every spring in Australia, billions of bogong moths migrate from the arid plains of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to the meadows of the Australian Alps to escape the impending heat.

The researchers are testing how the moths respond to projections of the Milky Way, how their brains’ navigation center responds to magnetic fields and how genetics might allow young moths to access some kind of inherited map of their migration route.

Source: Global News

Prince William and Kate Middleton announce details of Prince Louis’ christening

Thursday 04:17 GMT

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to announce that the christening of Prince Louis will take place on Monday 9th July at The Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, London.

Prince William and Kate Middleton add the young prince will be christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. British royal family releases first official photos of royal baby Prince Louis. Born on April 23, His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge is fifth in line to the throne, and the sixth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth.

Source: New York Times

Chinese Fans Paid Dearly for World Cup Tickets That Never Materialized

Friday 09:03 GMT

According to a report on Friday by The Cover, a Chinese news site, three travel agencies in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing wrote to their local tourism office saying that Anzhi, the Moscow company, also known as Anzhi Msk, told them it had sold about 10,000 tickets, 3,500 of them to Chinese fans.

People’s Daily, a Chinese newspaper, warned in January that it was “highly possible” that anyone buying World Cup tickets from Chinese travel agencies would end up either with counterfeits or with no tickets at all. But Mr. Xue, the Argentina fan from Guangzhou, said he dealt with an agency because he was desperate to see his favorite team in a tournament that he describes as “sacred.”

Source: CTV

Most Canadians support helping Rohingya, split on border crossings: Nanos survey

Monday 01:30 GMT

The majority of Canadians support government efforts to help Rohingya refugees fleeing violence and persecution in Myanmar, but the country is divided over how to handle asylum seekers illegally entering from the United States, a new Nanos Research survey conducted for CTV News suggests.

More than six in 10 Canadians support accepting Rohingya refugees to Canada, much as the country has welcomed Syrian refugees, according to the survey, with 37 per cent answering “support” and 25 per cent answering “somewhat support.” Fourteen per cent answered “somewhat oppose” while 18 per cent answered “oppose.”

Source: Fox News

Putin to meet with South Korea's Moon as World Cup diplomacy continues

Friday 03:25 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday to discuss the recent denuclearization efforts in the Korean Peninsula amid the Kremlin’s diplomatic offensive during soccer's World Cup.

Last week, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Putin in preparation for the summit of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Source: DW

Pope Francis in Geneva urges 'unity' with non-Catholics

Friday 18:17 GMT

Pope Francis on Thursday called for deeper unity between Catholics other Christian faiths, as he visited Geneva at the invitation of an inter-church alliance of which the Catholic Church is not a member.

The pope later gave Mass for about 40,000 members of Geneva's Catholic community gathered in the city's Palexpo conference center. Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Historically, divisions between the Catholic Church and the Protestant confessions have run deep.

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The Best New Google Home Actions

Wednesday 08:10 GMT

If you’re not into, as The Dude in “The Big Lebowski” famously opined, “the whole brevity thing,” Google just released a native ability to all Home devices that allows users to chain up to three actions together using the phrase “and” —for example, “Ok, Google, turn on the TV and turn off the lights and lower the shades” —essentially allowing homeowners to create their own custom routines on the fly.

Source: BBC

Emotional eating 'learned by children'

Wednesday 09:59 GMT

Families need to be empowered to help their loved ones and given information about eating disorders and sources of support."

Emotional over- and under-eating could be potentially important in the development of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or binge-eating disorder. "Understanding how these tendencies develop is crucial, because it helps researchers to give advice about how to prevent or change them, and where to focus future research."

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Home Depot: How It Could Keep Building Online

Friday 00:38 GMT

If you’d like, setup this article by reading Alex Eule’s take on Home Depot online, written in May, then continue: According to UBS, the company plans several tactics to support its online business, which represented 6.7% of total revenues in 2017 following a more than 21% increase:. • It could more than double the number of items sold online from about 1.5 million to 3-4 million, with categories that could see increases include faucets and decor.

Source: The Week

Laurence Tribe's book recommendations

Today 16:24 GMT

Laurence Tribe is a Harvard law professor and leading constitutional scholar who has often argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

No writer I know provides more fine-grained insight into the dazzling contingency and fierce beauty of life or its multifaceted connections to language.

Source: New York Times

Matt Murphy, Master of Blues Guitar, Is Dead at 88

Tuesday 22:48 GMT
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Mexico Criticizes U.S. Over Policy Removing Immigrant Children From Parents

Wednesday 18:15 GMT
Source: Reuters

In Mexico, Trump's child separations trigger wrenching decisions

Thursday 05:16 GMT
Source: The Week

The liberal lurch left on immigration

Saturday 09:59 GMT
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Tesla services margin smells fishy, analyst says

Saturday 17:19 GMT
Source: New York Times

Luka Doncic Feels the Burn of the Spotlight — and the Thrill

Saturday 17:19 GMT
Source: Fox News

4 common mistakes in retirement planning

Friday 06:09 GMT
Source: NBC News

How to get stains out of almost anything

Today 16:24 GMT
Source: NBC News

KFC is coming out with Pickle Fried Chicken — and we tried it

Today 11:48 GMT
Source: NBC News

Congressional hopeful who defeated Mark Sanford seriously injured in car crash

Today 13:37 GMT
Source: DW

Russian airstrikes in southwest Syria signal escalation of regime offensive

Today 12:41 GMT
Source: Global News

NAFTA’s fate could change timing of 2019 federal election: expert

Today 16:24 GMT
Source: Fox News

Cop killer who murdered New York police officer in 1973 granted parole

Today 16:24 GMT
Source: DW

Blast hits Zimbabwe presidential rally, President Mnangagwa unhurt

Today 16:24 GMT

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte