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Source: Fox News

Republicans to use Pelosi against vulnerable Dems in midterm elections

Today 05:10 GMT

Republicans are set to use the unpopularity of House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi to launch attacks on vulnerable Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

At the same time, Democrats may use the polarizing presidency of Donald Trump, whose election in 2016 energized the Democratic base that could potentially show up in troves at the ballot boxes during the midterm elections in November.

Source: Washington Post

For homeless women, violence is a pervasive part of their past and present, report shows

Today 13:38 GMT

The 2017 Point-in-Time count, an annual census of homeless people in the District, found 882 homeless women who were living alone, just over 40 percent of all women, and a quarter of all so-called unaccompanied homeless people.

In general, the report shows a blurring of the lines between the needs of domestic violence survivors and homeless women more broadly, and it calls for more opportunities for the service providers in each field to work together.

Source: BBC

Major Russian mafia trial opens in Spain

Today 13:38 GMT

A Russian MP, Vladislav Reznik, and 17 other suspects have gone on trial in Madrid accused of massive money-laundering for a Russian mafia gang.

The money-laundering by Russian gangsters in Spain is said to have started in the 1990s, when rich Russians began buying luxury villas in the Costa del Sol and Balearic Islands. Spanish prosecutors believe more than €50m ($62m; £44m) of Russian mafia money was laundered by the so-called Tambovskaya-Malyshevskaya gang, based in St Petersburg.

Source: Global News

B.C. government to formally challenge Alberta’s wine ban

Today 13:38 GMT

The B.C. government is formally challenging Alberta’s ban on B.C. wines through the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) dispute settlement process.

“B.C.’s wine industry is an important contributor to our economy, creating good jobs and other economic benefits for people in B.C.,” said B.C. Jobs, Trade and Technology Minister Bruce Ralston. “We’re standing by our wine producers and the communities that rely on this important industry by launching a formal trade dispute, and we are confident we will be successful.”

Source: Fox News

After Florida school massacre, what about regulating social media companies to keep us safe?

Monday 18:12 GMT

The 19-year-old who has confessed to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida – posted disturbing material on social media before his attack, authorities said.

However, because social media have played a significant role in recent attacks that threaten our homeland security interests, it is now time for Congress to act and regulate social media companies. Considering that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some level of mental illness, it would be difficult for anyone to monitor and intervene in problematic behaviors that could lead to violence.

Source: BBC

Kurds 'strike deal' with Syrian army

Monday 21:51 GMT

Six people were reported to have suffered symptoms of a gas attack during the bombardment of a village but Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said it was a "fabricated story".

Kurdish fighters in northern Syria say they have struck a deal with the Syrian government under which it will send troops to help repel a Turkish offensive. Turkey regards the Kurdish fighters, just across its border in Afrin, as terrorists.

Source: The Guradian

World’s most controversial fruit depends on giant bats for pollination

Today 13:38 GMT

Aziz stresses the situation is complicated as flying fox and other bats are also known to damage some fruit crops, so mitigation efforts need to be developed to protect particular crops from raiding bats – without killing them.

The scientists found that flying foxes – bats in the Pteropus and Acerodon genus and the largest in the world – are likely vital pollinators for the polarising durian. “We already knew that flying foxes feed on durian flowers, but there was this unsubstantiated belief, even among some researchers, that flying foxes just destroyed the flowers,” said Sheema Abdul Aziz, the lead researcher on the project that was done as part of her PhD at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in France.

Source: Fox News

Russia church shooting leaves 5 dead after gunman opens fire on people leaving service

Monday 17:17 GMT

Five people were killed and several others were injured after a gunman opened fire with a hunting rifle on people leaving a church service in Russia's Dagestan region on Sunday, Russian media outlets reproted.

A witness to the shooting, Oksana, told RT the gunman targeted people as they were leaving the church, but many took cover inside the building. Parishioners were at the church celebrating the end of the Russian festival of Maslenitsa, a holiday which marks the start of Lent for Russian Orthodox Christians, according to RT.

Source: BBC

'He took my innocence and my career'

Today 13:38 GMT

Outside court, Micky Fallon, another victim in the case, said the 12 victims Bennell was sentenced for - the 12 "survivors" - had "looked evil in the face and smiled".

On Monday, more than 30 years later, he was among the former youth football coach's victims able to tell Liverpool Crown Court of the devastation the experience has wreaked on their lives. Ex-Manchester City youth player Mr Unsworth said the horrors of his childhood led him to have a vasectomy years later.

Source: New York Times

Kurdish Syria, Where the Fallen Find Fame

Today 13:38 GMT

Similar Martyrs Institutes and cemeteries have sprung up all over the Kurdish areas in northern Syria, which the Kurds call Rojava, and even in Arabic areas like Manbij under their control.

In the cemetery for war dead in Qamishli, a city in northern Syria, Farhan Ebid, his son and a friend were planting an olive tree this month in front of the grave of another son, Orhan Qamislo, who died fighting with the Syrian Democratic Forces in Manbij at age 21.

Source: DW

Suspects arrested in theft, slaughter of pregnant Berlin petting zoo goat

Today 13:38 GMT

Two suspects have been taken into custody for stealing and hacking to death a pregnant goat at a petting zoo, authorities in Berlin said Monday, in what may be part of a larger killing spree.

The brutal killing of a pregnant Angora goat comes weeks after a pregnant sheep was found hacked to death in the bushes. Two men have been arrested.

Source: DW

Thousands of Berlin residents without internet after attempted bank robbery

Today 01:31 GMT

Robbers tried to immobilize a junction at a street corner in Schmargendorf — a neighborhood between the three affected Berlin neighborhoods — to hinder an alarm system in an attempt to rob the Berlin Sparkasse bank, according to the Berliner Morgenpost.

More than 40,000 residences in threee southwest Berlin neighborhoods lost internet in their households at around early Sunday morning after a major cable was severed, according to multiple reports.

Source: New York Times

Fox News Plans a Streaming Service for ‘Superfans’

Today 13:38 GMT

Thanks to a relentless news cycle — and a dedicated fan in the Oval Office — Fox News has defied the downward trends in the television business, notching its highest-rated year in 2017 even as audiences dwindled for many networks.

On Tuesday, Fox News is set to announce Fox Nation, a stand-alone subscription service available without a cable package. The streaming service, expected to start by the end of the year, would focus primarily on right-leaning commentary, with original shows and cameos by popular personalities like Sean Hannity.

Source: Fox News

Police arrest 5 in killing of endangered orangutan shot 130 times

Today 13:38 GMT

Four farmers and a 13-year-old boy in Indonesia admitted they stabbed, clubbed, and shot a male orangutan with at least 130 air gun pellets to protect their pineapple crop, police said Monday, in the latest high-profile killing of a critically endangered species.

"All the suspects have told police that they shot, stabbed and clubbed the orangutan," local police chief detective Yuliansyah, who goes by a single name, told the Associated Press. "They did it because they considered the animal to be a pest that ruined the family's pineapple plantation."

Source: Washington Post

North Korea poised to launch large-scale cyberattacks, says new report

Today 13:37 GMT

Intelligence agencies expect North Korea to use cyber operations to gather intelligence or launch attacks on South Korea and the United States.

 North Korea is quietly expanding both the scope and sophistication of its cyberweaponry, laying the groundwork for more devastating attacks, according to a new report published Tuesday. Kim Jong Un’s cyberwarriors have been accused of causing huge disruption in recent years, including being blamed for the massive hack on Sony Pictures in 2014 and last year’s WannaCry ransomware worm, as well as umpteen attacks on South Korean servers.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte