Most Important Of Last Week
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A Quick-Seared Fish That Sizzles and Satisfies

Friday 22:48 GMT

I tend to use a simple searing method for cooking firm, white-fleshed fish on the stovetop; it’s easier and cleaner than frying.

Broiling or grilling can cause lean, white-fleshed fish like halibut (but also thick flounder fillets, snapper, grouper and large sea scallops) to dry out.

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Hundreds of civilians flee Islamic State-held areas of Syrian city

Saturday 16:23 GMT

Screams of confusion, of fear, of joy: These are the reactions of civilians escaping the inferno of the Syrian city of Raqqah, once the Islamic State’s de facto Syrian capital and now the target of a furious coalition-backed campaign.

President Trump has nominated Kirstjen Nielsen, a top aide to Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, to head the Department of Homeland Security. A USC administrator has left his post in the wake of allegations that he sexually harassed female colleagues.

Source: CBS News

Worker warned hotel before Las Vegas shooter opened fire on crowd

Thursday 17:20 GMT

A maintenance worker said Wednesday he told hotel dispatchers to call police and report a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel before the shooter began firing from his high-rise suite into a crowd at a nearby musical performance.

It was unclear if the hotel relayed the information to Las Vegas police, who did not respond to questions from The Associated Press about whether hotel security or anyone else in the hotel called 911 to report the gunfire.

Source: Reuters

Hurricane Nate weakens as it soaks Mississippi, Alabama


(Reuters) - Hurricane Nate weakened to a tropical depression on Sunday after coming ashore in Mississippi, flooding roads and buildings but sparing the state from catastrophic damages.

Maximum sustained winds from Nate, the fourth major storm to hit the United States in less than two months, dropped to 35 miles (55 km per hour) as it moved northeast into Alabama, prompting the National Hurricane Center to end its tropical storm warnings for the region.

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Effect of Trump's Obamacare subsidy cuts is blunted In California — for now

Sunday 02:26 GMT

Covered California, the state’s Obamacare insurance exchange, implemented a plan this week to blunt the effect of what it suspected, rightly, Trump would do.

President Trump has nominated Kirstjen Nielsen, a top aide to Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, to head the Department of Homeland Security. A USC administrator has left his post in the wake of allegations that he sexually harassed female colleagues.

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North Korea reportedly hacked U.S.-South Korea war plans

Wednesday 13:38 GMT

A South Korean lawmaker said Tuesday that North Korean hackers may have stolen highly classified military documents that include U.S.-South Korean wartime “decapitation strike” plans against the North, according to South Korean media reports.

READ MORE: Donald Trump tweets U.S. has given ‘billions’ to North Korea with nothing in return. Yonhap said South Korean defence officials said in May that North Korea may have hacked a crucial South Korean military online network but didn’t say what was stolen.

Source: CTV

Deadly Calif. wildfires force thousands to evacuate

Wednesday 05:08 GMT

An onslaught of wildfires across a wide swath of Northern California broke out almost simultaneously then grew exponentially, swallowing up properties from wineries to trailer parks and tearing through both tiny rural towns and urban subdivisions.

His family and another evacuating with them tried to take U.S. 101 to evacuate but found it blocked by flames, and had to take country roads to get to the family friends who took them in.

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NRA opposes ban on bump stocks, devices used by Las Vegas shooter to speed up gunfire


The powerful U.S. gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, said on Sunday it would oppose an outright ban on bump-stock devices that the killer in the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people used to turn rifles into automatic weapons and strafe a crowd with bursts of sustained gunfire.

READ MORE: NRA backs restricting bump stocks, device used by Las Vegas shooter to speed firing. On Sunday, the organization said it was open to regulation but opposed any legislation banning the devices.

Source: New York Times

Daily Challenge in Puerto Rico: Finding Enough Bottled Water to Drink

Friday 21:52 GMT

After a day spent working in an office in the dark, without air-conditioning, Iris Díaz arrived at her neighborhood CVS drugstore desperate for what has quickly become one of the most sought-after items in Puerto Rico: bottled water.

Three weeks after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, the challenge of finding enough water to drink and cook with remains enormous across the island, even in its largest city.

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says he's neither quitting nor getting fired

Saturday 01:33 GMT

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly held a surprise news conference on Thursday that, while wide-ranging, clearly was intended to send one message: that he feels secure and satisfied in his job, and frustrated with press reports to the contrary.

Trump recently has tried to tamp down suggestions that Kelly was on the verge of resigning or being fired, contending that Kelly would be chief of staff for seven more years — to the end of a second Trump term.

Source: BBC

Japanese Grand Prix: Why Ferrari may make Lewis Hamilton wait for title


By the time he was asked any questions, Lewis Hamilton was saying all the predictable things about there being a long way to go, a lot of points still available, and so on.

Just six weeks ago, Vettel was leading the championship - as he had done all season - having pressured Hamilton all the way at the Belgian Grand Prix on a track on which Mercedes were expected to dominate. The expectation then was that the title fight would go to the last race, the momentum swinging back and forth all the while, the result impossible to predict.

Source: NBC News

What happens when birth control Isn’t free anymore?


The Trump administration's moves this week to cut back on free birth control and tighten abortion restrictions could add up to an unintended consequence, according to experts: Women will have more abortions.

On Friday, the administration rolled back a key Obamacare requirement for most employers to provide free birth control as part of health insurance coverage. The new rules it issued would allow just about any employer to opt out of the birth control requirement, provided they show a “sincerely held” religious or moral objection.

Source: New York Times

Heard the One About Asia’s Comedy Scene First, You’ll Need a Permit

Saturday 20:56 GMT

In Asia, where a youthful stand-up comedy scene is still developing, comedians in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are finding creative ways to tell jokes about sex and politics, while coming up against cultures of censorship and taboos.

Mr. Xu said Shanghai’s small comedy scene involves about 20 regulars who could perform at least 10 minutes of material, and most are Western expatriate men, not Chinese like him.

Source: Global News

Morgan Freeman explores humanity in NatGeo’s ‘The Story of Us’

Saturday 16:24 GMT

At a time when events seem to be driving cultures apart, Morgan Freeman goes on a global journey to understand how human culture has taken so many remarkable forms in the new six-part series, The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman.

The new series explores the fundamental forces that keep our societies together, while revealing the common humanity that lies inside each one of us. Freeman — who’s been named on the Forbes “Most Trustworthy Celebrities” list each of the five times it has been published since 2006 — meets people from all over the globe to explore things such as the strength of belief, the thirst for power, how love shapes us and much more.

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A Mile-High Building Boom in Denver

Sunday 01:31 GMT

A booming tech industry and strong job market have fueled an apartment-building frenzy in the midsize, mile-high city of Denver.

That’s good news for renters, as some buildings begin to offer incentives such as $500 signing bonuses, elaborate furnishing packages, gift cards and breaks on rent to attract tenants. Tori Larson is the asset manager for the developer behind Decatur Point, a 203-unit rental building with an outdoor pool that opened in November 2016 and is now 88% rented.

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After evacuations are lifted in Larkfield-Wikiup, some residents return home to wreckage: 'It's gone'

Monday 14:33 GMT
Source: New York Times

Ophelia Lashes Ireland, Killing at Least 3 People

Monday 20:05 GMT
Source: The Guradian

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont ignores Madrid's ultimatum

Monday 21:00 GMT
Source: BBC

Iraqi forces move into centre of Kirkuk

Monday 18:13 GMT
Source: Washington Post

Days after devastating truck bomb in Somali capital, death toll still climbing

Monday 18:12 GMT
Source: CBS News

Firefighters finally getting upper hand on devastating California wildfires

Monday 14:33 GMT
Source: BBC

Man found guilty of New York bombing

Monday 21:01 GMT
Source: Fox News

Judicial Watch says FBI has found Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting documents

Saturday 23:41 GMT
Source: Washington Post

Where’s Zinke The Interior secretary’s special flag offers clues

Friday 22:48 GMT
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Cubs fans’ ‘W’ flags run afoul of Nationals policy on banners

Source: DW

Lufthansa strikes major labor deal with pilots

Thursday 09:02 GMT
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Workers' rights in Germany: Not everyone can go on strike

Thursday 15:31 GMT
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Friday 00:19 GMT
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Rainbow flag flies at U.S. monument, but not on federal land

Friday 16:24 GMT

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte