Donald Trump: ‘I think we’re going to get the African American vote’

That was U.S. President Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in support of Republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections in Lebanon, Ohio on Friday.

Donald Trump boasts economy poll results that credit Barack Obama for doing the work. Trump has repeatedly highlighted such statistics, particularly in his State of the Union address in January. He has also cited a historically low unemployment rate for black people, which stood at six per cent in September, down from seven per cent a year earlier but mostly unchanged from the two previous months.

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CBS News -
Trump's economic boasts fail to resonate in some struggling black communities

It's one of President Trump's favorite talking points in promoting his administration's success: the record low rate of black unemployment.

When asked what he makes of Mr. Trump's claim that black Americans are faring better under his administration, construction company owner and Germantown resident Carlton Washington replied, "Where at? Similar scenes play out across America and are backed by data that counter the positive picture Trump often paints in campaign-style rallies before largely white audiences.

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Lagarde defends rate hikes after Trump's Fed attack

In a press conference ahead of official IMF and World Bank talks in Bali, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde,  on Thursday defended central bank rate increases in the United States in what appeared to be a veiled rebuke to US President Donald Trump's most recent remarks about the Federal Reserve.

Lagarde acknowledged, though, that recent Fed rate increases had been a headache for many emerging economies as capital outflows continued and local currencies kept tumbling.

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