Chelsea soccer club has a new way to deal with racist fans: Send them on a trip to Auschwitz

For decades, major teams resorted to banning offenders, but the English Premier League club Chelsea is now trying a new approach by sending racist fans on educational trips to former Nazi concentration camps.

In November 2016, Chelsea fans made headlines when they chanted anti-Jewish slogans, targeting fans of rival club Tottenham Hotspur.

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The Guardian -
Chelsea to send racist fans on Auschwitz trips instead of banning them

Chelsea want to send racist supporters on trips to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz instead of imposing banning orders.

Chelsea want to offer supporters caught being racist the chance to attend education courses at the second world war concentration camp in Poland instead of being banned from attending matches at the Premier League club. “If you just ban people, you will never change their behaviour,” the Chelsea chairman, Bruce Buck, told the Sun.

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