World Cup 2026: How US, Canada & Mexico won right to host tournament

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Thursday 21:01 GMT
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The United States, Canada and Mexico have seen off the challenge of Morocco for the right to stage what will be the first running of a 48-team tournament.

There were concerns too over political interference on individual associations - the Trump administration's decision to introduce trade tariffs on the EU led to suggestions there could be a backlash, played out in 2026 tournament votes. In addition, there was rumoured to be a level of anti-US sentiment amongst some Fifa voters over President Donald Trump's alleged derogatory comments concerning African countries and the US travel ban which centres on a number of Muslim majority states.

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CBS News -
U.S., Mexico & Canada to jointly host 2026 World Cup

North America will host the 2026 World Cup after FIFA voters overwhelmingly opted for the financial and logistical certainty of a United States-led bid over a risky Moroccan proposal for the first 48-team tournament.

Though there are no locations set at this time, here is a list of potential host cities for the 2026 North American World Cup.

Wall Street Jurnal -
North America to Host 2026 World Cup

The U.S., Mexico and Canada on Wednesday secured the right to co-host the 2026 World Cup, the most popular sporting event on the planet, bringing the tournament back to North America for the first time since 1994.

Though Trump would no longer be in office by the time the 2026 World Cup began, even if he won a second term, many countries had held their disagreements with him against the North American bid, particularly in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The Guardian -
US, Canada and Mexico beat Morocco in vote to host 2026 World Cup

The 2026 World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico after they beat Morocco by a margin of 69 votes to host the tournament which will be expanded to 48 teams for the first time.

It was the first World Cup vote since 2010 when the FA suffered humiliation after Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup. The Moroccans had been keen to emphasise its more ‘fan friendly’ pricing in contrast with the US bid which stated an average ticket price of $431 (£322), a significant increase on the Brazil and Russia World Cups.

Washington Post -
U.S., Mexico and Canada win joint bid for 2026 World Cup, topping Morocco in FIFA vote

A North American joint bid won the rights Wednesday to host the 2026 edition of the celebrated soccer tournament, defeating Morocco and bouncing back from an unfathomable U.S. defeat to Qatar in voting for the 2022 event eight years ago.

Thus, 32 years after setting World Cup attendance records in hosting the 1994 competition, the United States will join forces with its neighbors to organize a championship that, in 2026, will expand to 48 teams from 32. Mexico hosted the World Cup in 1970 and ’86.

CBS News -
U.S. to host 2026 World Cup, with neighbors

North America will host the 2026 World Cup after FIFA voters overwhelmingly opted for the financial and logistical certainty of a United States-led bid over a risky Moroccan proposal for the first 48-team tournament.

The U.S. proposed staging 60 out of the 80 games in 2026, when 16 teams will be added to the finals, leaving Canada and Mexico with ten fixtures each. The vote by football federations was public, in contrast to secrecy surrounding the ballot by FIFA's elected board members for the 2018 and 2022 hosts, Russia and Qatar, in 2010.

Fifa World Cup 2026: Canada, US & Mexico v Morocco

Who will prevail on Wednesday when a vote is taken to decide on the hosts of the 2026 Fifa World Cup?. Morocco and a combined 'United Bid' between the United States, Canada, and Mexico are fighting for the right to stage the biggest World Cup ever held - with 48 teams playing 80 matches over 34 days.

This vote for the 2026 World Cup has been taken out of the hands of a small cabal of Fifa executives and entrusted to its 211 member associations.

The Guardian -
Trump was right. The rest of the G7 were wrong

When this devious, hollow, self-interested man offers a better approximation of the people’s champion than any other leader, you know democracy is in trouble.

They have spawned a new industry, in which aggressive lawyers discover ever more lucrative means of overriding democracy. The rules grant opaque panels of corporate lawyers, meeting behind closed doors, supreme authority over the courts and parliaments of its member states.

Global News -
5 things to know as FIFA votes on whether Canada will host the 2026 World Cup

READ MORE: North American countries expected to top Moroccan bid to host 2026 World Cup. The announcement comes as the 2018 World Cup is set to start on Thursday in Russia.

Canadian soccer stalwarts say co-hosting 2026 World Cup could transform the sport in Canada. Soccer in Canada could be transformed forever due to investment in facilities for a World Cup. “It would be incredible to have the games in Canada and have kids going to the stadiums and watching games and watching Canada play,” said Paul Stalteri, former Canada captain who played club soccer at the highest level in the German Bundesliga and English Premier League before retiring in 2013.

Wall Street Jurnal -
North America Makes Final Push in 2026 World Cup Bid

Cordeiro’s final stop on this globetrotting adventure is here in Moscow, where soccer’s world governing body will on Wednesday make a final decision on who will host the 2026 tournament.

FIFA’s choice is between Morocco, which has bid unsuccessfully on four occasions, and a joint effort from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. What makes this process different from any World Cup hosting race in FIFA’s history is that the vote will be open to all of the organization’s members.

New York Times -
Trump Letters Might Be Key to North American Bid to Host 2026 World Cup

When the officials leading the United States’ bid to host the 2026 World Cup — a joint effort with Mexico and Canada — hit the campaign trail in earnest this year, they quickly encountered uncomfortable questions from soccer associations around the world concerned about President Trump’s travel restrictions on people from many countries.

If the North American bid is victorious on Wednesday, when soccer officials around the world will vote to award the 2026 World Cup, the United States soccer leadership will thank one person for helping them convince the world that Mr. Trump’s policies would not be a factor: Mr. Trump himself.

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