For many Russians, the World Cup is so close and yet so far away

Overall the preparation for the World Cup has cost Russia 683 billion roubles (€9.2 billion, $10.9 billion), according to the tournament's organizing committee.

After all, Fedino and the region around the nearby city of Voskresensk are known as a "hockey region" - because of the high density of Stanley Cup winners from the area, as the locals proudly explain. Two years ago a small open-air ice hockey rink was installed on the other side of the football pitch.

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Nestled away in a sprawling sports complex on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia have largely been preparing for the World Cup opener against Saudi Arabia on Thursday away from critical eyes, and perhaps for good reason. While there is no shortage of enthusiasm among Russians at the prospect of hosting some of the game’s biggest stars, that soon fades when it comes to the national team’s chances at its home tournament.

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