Why Americans should support Mexico at the World Cup

I understand that for some it’s hard to embrace the idea that Americans will cheer for their biggest rivals, Mexico, at the World Cup – particularly after the US missed out on this month’s tournament in Russia.

If American fans see a great player, if we see a great team, if we see somebody winning a World Cup, we’re going to support them. So it’s a matter of the respect of the sport and the appreciation that the players are getting better and they’re growing.

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How Mexico's World Cup run can build bridges across the US border

While Mexico missed the World Cup in Italy because of cheating and the United States failed to make Russia 2018 because of athletic shortcomings, the result is the same: no national team to cheer for.

The US failed to qualify for Russia 2018 after playing in every World Cup since 1990, leaving the sport’s ever-growing American fanbase searching for someone to root for. As soccer fans prepare for the start of the World Cup on Thursday, the United States will be on the sidelines.

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