Marielle Franco: Brazil’s favelas mourn the death of a champion

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The morning after tens of thousands of people thronged streets across Brazil to express their anger over the murder of black, gay Rio councillor Marielle Franco, it was business as usual in the Maré favela where she grew up.

Many think this is the reason Franco and her driver, Anderson Gomes, were riddled with bullets last Wednesday night – and fear the killing will discourage others like her.. “She knew what she was doing for us,” said Sonia Vieira, 64, a Maré pensioner who had voted for Franco. “Whenever someone comes along who can do this, they get rid of them.”

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Wednesday 11:44 GMT
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Sunday 10:47 GMT

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The New York Times’ new project, Overlooked, where the paper finally writes the obituaries of notable women that it long ignored, an anonymous account from a woman pleading with the #MeToo movement to recognize sexual assault within marriages, and Tressie McMillan Cottom on how the real threat to campuses isn’t “PC culture” (as some opinion writers would have us believe), but racism.

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Orthodox Jewish communities tend to be in full party mode, with children wearing rabbinical beards or flamboyant costumes. But Mark Abramson, who spent this Purim taking photographs in two very different Hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn, said he also experienced something deeper.

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John Oliver on NRA TV: 'Just a vessel to sell America guns'

John Oliver has taken aim at the content shared on NRA’s small-screen network, calling it the “dumbest and most transparent” element of the association’s output.

He continued: “The whole point here is the answer to the question ‘what the fuck is NRA TV?’ is it’s just a vessel to sell America guns. That’s pretty much it … There is a lot to be concerned about regarding the NRA’s activities but NRA TV might actually the dumbest and most transparent thing that it does.”

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CN Rail CEO Luc Jobin steps down

According to Doerksen, problems in the past few months could translate into client loss and soil the company’s reputation.

In an email, Cameron Doerksen, an analyst with Banque Nationale said it was a “surprise announcement” from the rail company. “From the release, it’s clear that the council’s decision to replace Mr. Jobin is mainly attributable to the challenges the company faced last fall,” Doerksen said.

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