Tijuana residents laugh at border wall prototypes, call Trump 'loco'

Mexican residents of a poor Tijuana slum in the shadow of eight prototypes of U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned border wall called the project a waste of money and laughed at the idea the monolithic slabs will stop desperate immigrants.

U.S. soldiers, some with binoculars, focused back across the border, standing atop trailers placed ahead of the visit that blocked the view of Trump from the south for both protesters and local residents.

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Fox News -
Without the Wall 'We're Not Going to Have a Country': Trump Visits CA Border, Rips Gov. Brown

Tucker Battles Jorge Ramos Over Voting in Dual Elections. President Donald Trump and members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection viewed prototypes of the Mexican border wall in San Diego Tuesday.

Trump's plan for a wall in San Diego flies in opposition to the state's governor, Jerry Brown, who does not want the White House to build a barrier with Baja California, Mexico. Trump agreed, and said that without a proper "wall system, we're not going to have a country."

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Mexico's would-be border crossers undermine Trump's case for a wall

When Donald Trump views the prototypes of his proposed border wall outside San Diego on Tuesday he could say, truthfully, that just a few miles south there are hundreds of Mexican men desperate to break into the United States.

Bad hombres or not, there is another reason these would-be border crossers dent the case for the wall: they can’t get in. They have tried and failed – stymied by the existing barriers and surveillance networks operated by the border patrol.

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