Josh Hawley, rising GOP star trying to flip Missouri Senate seat, officially kicks off campaign

 Republicans hoping to expand their majority in the Senate need strong candidates on ballots in states President Trump easily won, like Missouri.

Particularly votes against conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and tax reform, and a perceived closeness with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.. “She’s voted against the interests of Missouri and with her party, with Chuck Schumer and the liberal line, and I tell you that is what Missourians don’t want,” Hawley said. “And that’s why she’s going to lose.”

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The Guardian -
House committee led by Trump ally says campaign did not collude with Russia

A congressional committee led by a member of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team has announced that Trump’s 2016 campaign did not collude with Russian operatives and that the committee was nearing the completion of its investigation of the matter.

On a day when the White House press secretary declined to support the British prime minister Theresa May’s conclusion that it is “highly likely” that Russia was responsible for the poisoning of the former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, Conaway argued vehemently against the notion that the Trump campaign had cooperated with Russia to disrupt the presidential election. “We found no evidence of collusion,” Conaway said.

NBC News -
After Putin blames Jews for election meddling, lawmakers demand he extradite indicted Russians

Top Democrats in Congress called on the Trump administration Monday to do everything in its power to have the 13 Russian nationals indicted last month on charges of election meddling extradited to the United States to face trial.

The letter to President Donald Trump comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin told NBC News in an interview with Megyn Kelly that Jews and other minorities may have been responsible for the cyberattacks during the 2016 election.

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Here’s how the Democrats’ ‘impeach Trump’ obsession could backfire

They must alert voters that if Democrats take back control of Congress in November, Donald Trump’s presidency could be in jeopardy.

It is highly unlikely that Democrats could muster that kind of advantage, but impeachment proceedings in the House would undermine President Trump and weigh against him and other GOP candidates in 2020. The charges would then be referred to the Senate for trial, where a conviction would require a two-thirds vote.

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In Campaign Form, Trump Extols Himself and a Struggling GOP Candidate

President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Saturday, talking up a possible meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, lashing out at the media, criticizing his Oval Office predecessors and announcing a slogan for his 2020 re-election bid.

‘Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?’ president asks at event for Pennsylvania Republican Rick Saccone

Washington Post -
Trump rallies in Pennsylvania ahead of special House election

Encouraged campaign-style chants about locking up his political opponent and dramatically recited the lyrics of a song about a tenderhearted woman who cares for an ailing snake, a parable that he frequently uses to paint undocumented immigrants as violent criminals.

Despite his allegiance to Trump, Saccone has underwhelmed national Republicans in this heavily pro-Trump district, and public polling ahead of the March 13 election has shown Saccone neck-andin-neck with Lamb, a former federal prosecutor and Marine.

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