How red-state Democrats blew it

The varying degrees to which voters understand this, and their willingness to accept it is an immutable fact of existence, are far more interesting objects of study.

These red-state Democrats have gotten one thing right politically: They have wobbled on abortion, gay marriage, and other social questions about which their constituents have decidedly conservative views. Instead, Jon Tester in Montana, Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota have all stuck to their party's Clintonite right flank on economic issues.

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Trump's California border wall visit puts state's Republicans in a bind

Donald Trump’s visit to California will generate a memorable image: the president inspecting prototypes of his planned border wall.

Congress may yet stymie construction of a wall along the frontier with Mexico but Trump will at least have a photo-op to accompany vows to deter and expel undocumented migrants, rhetoric which electrifies his base across the United States. California’s Republican leaders, however, may view this political theatre very differently: as the equivalent of a man sawing a tree branch on which they – and he – all sit.

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Trump Won Ohio Handily. Populist Democrats Want to Win It Back.

He said union members have edged away from Mr. Trump in polling conducted by labor groups, but Democrats must overcome skepticism that they “are real on populist issues.” “It’s a state that is very suspicious of Democrats on economic issues,” Mr. Podhorzer said.

President Trump’s decree placing punitive tariffs on foreign steel raised an outcry in Washington: Republican leaders in Congress warned darkly of a market-rattling trade war.

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