In Netanyahu’s Israel, the Divisiveness Is Now All About Him

Mr. Netanyahu’s Israel is as polarized as it has been in generations, and under his lengthy tenure, the national conversation has become steadily more toxic.

The bet paid off eventually but it accelerated the trend of support for Israel breaking down along American partisan lines — a dangerous shift for American Jews and Israel alike. He placed a large bet on the Republican Party’s coming to power in the United States, embracing Mitt Romney then Donald Trump, and pointedly snubbing President Barack Obama.

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DW -
What links Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption probe and ThyssenKrupp?

One is Israel's long-serving prime minister, the other is one of Germany's biggest industrial corporations, and now the two have been caught up in one of the scandals that could yet bring down Benjamin Netanyahu.

Shimron is not only Netanyahu's personal family lawyer (in his youth he was also close to Netanyahu's late brother Yoni), he also represented ThyssenKrupp's agent in Israel, Miki Ganor, himself a suspect in the case.

New York Times -
Netanyahu, Defiant, Calls Bribery Case ‘Full of Holes, Like Swiss Cheese’

Fighting back against a damning new allegation of corruption from the Israeli police and calls for his resignation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Wednesday assailed investigators’ findings as biased and “full of holes, like Swiss cheese,” and vowed to serve to the end of his term in late 2019.

After a yearlong graft inquiry, the police recommended late Tuesday that Mr. Netanyahu face prosecution on bribery, fraud and breach-of-trust charges, saying there was evidence he had accepted nearly $300,000 in gifts in exchange for official actions benefiting his patrons, and had back-room dealings with the publisher of a leading newspaper to ensure more favorable coverage.

DW -
Benjamin Netanyahu dismisses calls to resign

Read more: Under pressure over corruption, Israel's Netanyahu calls for change to police bill. Netanyahu's Likud supporters rallied to the prime minister's defense.

Israeli opposition politicians, on the other hand, renewed calls for Netanyahu to resign in the wake of the police recommendation. Read more: Israelis protest corruption in Netanyahu's government for fourth week. Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay urged Netanyahu's coalition party allies to choose between supporting the prime minister and upholding the rule of law, declaring that "the Netanyahu era is over."

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte