German Coalition Deal Has Both Sides Sour, Even Before the Ink Dries

After the collapse of Ms. Merkel’s three-way coalition talks with other parties in November, Mr. Schulz reneged on his pledge, agreeing to discuss the prospect of a third coalition government under the conservative chancellor.

Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared on national television trying to quell a mutiny in her ranks over the new “grand coalition” between her conservative alliance and the center-left Social Democrats.

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Future German government under Merkel no laughing matter on political roast day

Many in the CSU have expressed dissatisfaction at the potential government partnership with the SPD, as well as with the slow but steady shift leftward by Merkel's CDU in the previous government.

This year the disappointing election results of September 2017 and the ongoing challenge to form a new government meant that the day's comments turned from roast to stump speeches. "Never before after an election year has there not been a new government by Ash Wednesday," Angela Merkel told her party, before delivering sharp, if veiled, rebukes at Germany's political parties.

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