For Olympic Athletes from Russia, a sense of unity and defiance

I’m saying it blows. Jerry Brewer: To win Olympic gold, Shaun White had to vanquish the young stars he helped create. American figure skating pair won’t earn another medal, but they have already won

Zasport, the official clothing label for this year’s Olympic Athletes from Russia, is selling “I don’t do doping” sweaters in its Moscow flagship store. Kremlin network RT showed footage of an elaborate light show it said fans projected on the World Anti-Doping Agency headquarters in Montreal that said: “The only doping among Russian Olympic team is the support and love of Russian people.”

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The LGBT athletes making history at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang’s Olympics have seen athletes more open and public about their sexuality than ever before, with Canada’s Eric Radford becoming the first out Olympian to claim gold at a Winter Games.

The acceptance of out gay athletes competing in Pyeongchang makes a sharp contrast to the official approach to LGBT rights at the previous Winter Olympics. In 2014, Sochi’s mayor Anatoly Pakhomov dismissed concerns about Russia’s track record on equality by asserting that there were no gay people in the city.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte