Pence says White House could have handled Porter issue better

Vice President Mike Pence says that the White House could have handled the eventual resignation of former staff secretary Rob Porter "better" than it had. In a conversation with Axios' Mike Allen on Wednesday, Pence said the Trump administration has "no tolerance" for domestic violence."

Pence's displeasure with the White House's handling of the Porter situation comes in contrast to Kelly's assessment, who told The Wall Street Journal in an interview on Monday that the situation "was all done right."

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Global News -
John Kelly’s future as Donald Trump’s top aide in doubt

President Donald Trump‘s chief of staff, John Kelly, is under fire for his handling of the Rob Porter situation, has stayed largely out of sight, with his future in doubt and the White House in tumult.

Donald Trump says he’s ‘totally opposed’ to domestic violence after Rob Porter scandal. West Wing aides have had their faith in the chief of staff shaken, and morale has plunged to levels not seen since last spring’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and the August uproar over Trump’s refusal to denounce white supremacists after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

NBC News -
White House mess leaves embattled Kelly in limbo

Now, his management of, and shifting story around, a top White House aide accused of physically assaulting two ex-wives has raised questions about his management style and integrity.

Three people close to President Donald Trump tell NBC News that he has not sanctioned a formal search for a successor to Kelly and may decide to keep Kelly in his position. Allies close to Kelly insist the president’s support for him is unwavering and that Kelly will report for duty for as long as the president wants him there.

Fox News -
Trump says he's 'totally opposed to domestic violence' amid questions over Rob Porter scandal

President Trump said Wednesday he is “totally opposed to domestic violence” amid questions over his administration’s handling of abuse allegations lodged against former White House aide Rob Porter. “I'm totally opposed to domestic violence,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

Porter served as White House staff secretary until last week, when news stories surfaced detailing past domestic abuse allegations leveled by two ex-spouses.

Fox News -
Gowdy says House panel probing Rob Porter's security clearance

House lawmakers are now investigating how former White House aide Rob Porter was able to work for months under an interim security clearance despite allegations of domestic abuse against him.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Wednesday that his panel launched an investigation the day before into the circumstances surrounding the former staff secretary's post.

NBC News -
The Rob Porter scandal has lasted for more than a week. Here’s why.

Yet the Rob Porter scandal has now lasted more than a week – the original Daily Mail piece alleging Porter abused his two ex-wives ran on February 6 — and it’s likely to once again dominate today’s White House press briefing.

First Read is your briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter. WASHINGTON — In the Trump Era, so many stories that would have wrecked other presidencies have lasted for just a few days before vanishing from the front-page headlines and cable TV line-ups — at least temporarily.

ABC News -
The Note: The Trump White House vs. the FBI director

The Trump White House vs. the FBI director is a saga with a few lengthy chapters already – none of which has been particularly favorable to President Donald Trump.

FBI Director Chris Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the FBI completed its background investigation of Porter "in late July." FBI director gives new details that contradict White House timeline of Rob Porter's departure.

CBS News -
Rob Porter situation creating new divisions in White House, adviser says

The deepening sense from some senior officials that even inside, the truth isn't being told about the Rob Porter situation - creating new divisions and a sense of mistrust.

The White House is in damage control Wednesday morning as new FBI testimony poked holes in the West Wing's timeline of events leading to top aide Rob Porter's resignation. FBI director Christopher Wray told Congress that a background check of President Trump's staff secretary was finished before Porter resigned over allegations he abused his ex-wives.

Washington Post -
White House reels as FBI director contradicts official claims about alleged abuser

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the bureau had completed a background report on then-staff secretary Rob Porter last July and closed out the case entirely last month.

Wray’s account is at odds with White House claims that the investigation required for Porter’s security clearance was “ongoing” until he left his job last week, after his two ex-wives publicly alleged physical and emotional abuse.

CBS News -
White House still can't get story straight on Rob Porter

WASHINGTON -- White House Rob Porter was forced to step down as the president's staff secretary after two former wives accused him of abuse.

That appeared to contradict the White House's claim that the investigation into allegations that Porter abused both of his ex-wives was still ongoing when he resigned last week. Wray said its background check of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter had been completed last month.

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