Senate holding up Liberal budget bill is the Senate Justin Trudeau envisioned, he says

The very one holding up the Liberal’s budget bill, delaying implementation of any measures the Trudeau government laid out last March – is what he envisioned, the prime minister said in an interview with The West Block’s Vassy Kapelos.

This is the Senate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wanted when he kicked the Liberal senators out of caucus and launched a process for appointing independent senators.

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Washington Post -
New ad campaign to pressure five GOP senators to vote against health-care overhaul

An organization that opposes the Republican effort to repeal and replace key parts of the Affordable Care Act is pressuring five GOP senators not to vote for the emerging legislation in a new $1.5 million ad campaign that begins Monday, officials with the group told The Washington Post.

The ad campaign includes radio commercials running in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada and West Virginia that argue the GOP effort will negatively affect seniors.

Washington Post -
What it was like to be 18 and investigating the president during the summer of Watergate

For one glorious summer in 1973, interns and drudges helped change America — as the cogs turning the wheel that would ultimately result in Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Elisabeth “Lil” DeMarse: Staff assistant for committee chairman Sen. Sam Ervin (D-N.C.). Gordon Freedman: I was a student at Michigan State University when I became fascinated by Watergate. As the hearings were starting, I literally left class one day in my earth shoes and rainbow hippie belt buckle and drove to Washington.

Washington Post -
Paramedics recount rushing to the congressional baseball team under fire

Their attacker was an Illinois man armed with a high-powered military-style rifle and a handgun who had posted social-media blasts against President Trump and took aim at Republican lawmakers and staff practicing baseball ahead of a charity game against their Democratic colleagues.

Fiona Apple, a veteran paramedic, learned of the unfolding attack when a woman knocked on the front door of a fire station where Apple was on duty just four blocks from the park.

Wall Street Jurnal -
Senators introduce bill to end federal medical marijuana prohibition

U.S. Sens. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Corey Booker (D-New Jersey) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) introduced a bill that would end the federal prohibition of medical marijuana and take steps to improve research.

Twenty-nine states, as well as the District of Columbia, have already legalized marijuana, but the CARERS Act would prevent the federal government from prosecuting businesses and individuals in states where medical marijuana is legal, since federally marijuana is still illegal under the Controlled Substances Act.

NBC News -
Here's how the health care debate is shaping the next big election

According to the recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll of this race, more than 80% of likely voters said health care is an “extremely important” or “very important” issue regarding their vote, and just 1-in-4 voters said they approved of the House health-care plan.

Remember, this is the race to fill the seat vacated by Republican Tom Price, who is now Trump’s HHS secretary — and that’s another way health care is an issue in this contest.

NBC News -
Senate passes new Russian sanctions bill, tying Trump's hands

The Senate passed legislation Thursday that would impose additional sanctions against Russia and limit the president's power to lift them in the future.

"The speaker was a vocal proponent of the last round of sanctions and believes we must do more to hold Russia accountable," said AshLee Strong, a spokesperson for House Speaker Paul Ryan. "The Foreign Affairs Committee is reviewing the details in this latest sanctions package being voted on in the Senate, and after that we will determine a path ahead in the House."

Washington Post -
Democrats look unified, Republicans in disarray in wake of Va. gubernatorial primary

Northam starts with a unified Democratic Party and the promise of a helping hand from his rival for the nomination, former congressman Tom Perriello.

Perriello was quick to endorse Northam on Tuesday night and had been scheduled to attend a Democratic unity event Wednesday in Northern Virginia that was canceled in the wake of the morning’s politically motivated shooting on a baseball diamond in Alexandria.

NBC News -
What's in the Senate health care bill It's a secret

The Senate is closing in on a health care bill that could affect coverage for tens of millions of Americans and overhaul an industry that makes up one-sixth of the economy.

During the crafting of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans complained about a lack of transparency on the bill that reformed the health care system. Then House-Speaker John Boehner gave a fiery floor speech, saying just before the House vote on Obamacare, “Read the damn bill before you vote.”

New York Times -
G.O.P. Senators Might Not Realize It, but Not One State Supports the A.H.C.A.

Perhaps red-state senators, or even some senators in swing states, might think their states are friendlier to the bill than the nation as a whole.

A majority of Republican senators currently represent states where less than a third of the public supports the A.H.C.A. Across all the states that voted for President Trump last year, we estimate that support for the A.H.C.A. is rarely over 35 percent.

Global News -
Don’t stay overly delayed trials: senators

The Liberal government has said that in addition to appointing more judges, it is looking at sentencing reform — including eliminating some mandatory minimum penalties — and changes to bail, preliminary inquiries and the reclassification of offences as other policy areas where they could find solutions.

Wednesday’s new Senate committee report points out that a stay of proceedings is currently the only remedy for a trial that goes on too long, and recommends reduced sentences or the awarding of costs as other solutions.

The Guardian -
Republican senators nearly done drafting secretive healthcare proposal

For weeks, since the House passed legislation to dismantle major pieces of the Affordable Care Act, a coterie of Republican senators – initially, an all-male group – have met privately to hammer out their version of a healthcare overhaul plan.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump invited 15 Republican senators to a luncheon at the White House to discuss their progress on the healthcare bill. During the meeting, Trump told the senators that he believed the House plan was “mean” and urged them to craft one that is “more generous”, according to the Associated Press.

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