South Africa: police raid home of controversial Zuma allies

An elite South African police team has raided the luxurious family home of a family of controversial businessmen accused of improper relations with Jacob Zuma, as the ruling ANC party continues its chaotic efforts to oust the country’s president.

The ANC secretary general, Ace Magashule, suggested on Monday that many in the ANC would back Zuma, who has survived several no-confidence motions in the past, if the opposition tried to oust him in parliament.

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New York Times -
South Africa Police Raid Home of the Guptas, Allies of Zuma

Heavily armed police officers in South Africa raided the luxury home of the Gupta family on Wednesday as part of an investigation of possible corruption and influence-peddling by three brothers allied with President Jacob Zuma, whom the governing African National Congress has ordered to step down.

The raid, which the state broadcaster said resulted in two arrests, including one member of the Gupta family, came amid conflicting reports of whether Mr. Zuma would announce his resignation after a nine-year presidency dogged by scandal and economic stagnation.

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