Winter Olympics: Why ice hockey is missing biggest NHL stars

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Wednesday 14:33 GMT
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The time difference between Korea and North America means many of the ice hockey games are being played in the middle of the night for US audiences and the NHL therefore felt it was not right to put their league on hold for three weeks and allow its players to go to Pyeongchang.

Since the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 the NHL and the International Olympics Committee (IOC) have had an uncomfortable relationship.

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However, while Greenway is the first African-American to play for the US at the Olympics, he is not the first black player to play at the Winter Games.

Four years ago in Sochi, the Nashville Predators' star defenceman PK Subban, whose parents moved to Canada from the Caribbean, was part of the 2014 team that won the gold medal, beating Sweden 3-0 in the final.

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